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Is Anthony Anderson Still Married to Wife Alvina Stewart?

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American actor, Anthony Anderson with Alvina Stewart

TV star Anthony Anderson is a famous American actor-slash-comedian-slash-host. Before becoming the famed host for the game show, To Tell The Truth, Anderson starred in various films and sitcoms. In addition to that, he also partakes in Iron Chef America as a judge.

But behind the forefront of being a comedy icon, Anderson is a loving father and husband off the screen.

Anthony Anderson is Married to His Wife Alvina Stewart

In 1999, Anderson tied the knot with his then-girlfriend Alvina Stewart. Taking a look at their history before marriage, they were what people would call ‘high school sweethearts.’

But just like any other relationship, theirs also had its ups and downs. Fifteen years after their marriage, their relationship hit rock bottom, and Alvina wanted out, ultimately filing for a divorce.

Thankfully though, the two of them fixed what needed to be fixed. Since their near-divorce in 2017, close sources say the couple seems to be more in love than ever.

Anthony Anderson Wife Death: Rumor vs Fact?

The internet is such a vast place for information of every kind. In light of this, people, more often than not, use it as a tool to exchange information. Though primarily positive, information on the internet also may contain malice and vileness. One of the primary examples of this is death hoaxes. With that said, Stewart, Anderson’s wife, is no stranger to such things.

For some reason, news of Stewart’s death has broken out the past year during the start of the pandemic. Currently, there is not much known on where, how, and why the hoax surfaced in the first place.

Based on, Alvina Stewart is alive and all-well, making his death clearly a rumor and nowhere near a fact.

About Alvina Stewart

Since Anderson’s emergence as a star, Alvina has always kept her personal life under wraps as well as her kids’. As a result, information about her, her kids, and her marriage are basically obscure from the spotlight.

Despite this, some sources say that Alvina is a fitness type of woman and, for the most part, plays the role of a loving mother and wife.

American actor, Anthony Anderson wife
American actor, Anthony Anderson wife, Alvina Stewart.

Is Anthony Anderson Gay?

After knowing that Anderson has two kids and a loving wife, it should be pretty apparent at this point that he is indeed not gay.

That leaves us the question, “Why is he in somewhat, someway related to the Gay or to a greater extent the LGBTQIA+ agenda?”

To answer you, it’s because it’s the ‘internet.’ When you look his name up, there pop multiple articles of him being gay, and if you review the content of the article, It never topics Anderson’s gender and such.

Well, if we were to find one that is related to Anderson, it somehow falls onto the other side where the grass is not greener. On an episode of Black-ish, a sitcom he starred in, they used ‘being gay’ or gayness as something derogatory. And that caused the uproar of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Net Worth

After starring in the box office blockbuster films such as Transformers and various sitcoms, primarily Black-ish, it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise to know that Anderson made quite the bank.

According to sources, As of July 2021, Anthony Anderson has an estimated net worth of $25 million.


Born on August 15, 1970, in Compton, California, Anderson is currently 50 years of age. He celebrates his birthday every 15th of August, making his zodiac sign Leo.

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