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Anthony Alabi is Married to Wife: Caroline. Kids.

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Image of Anthony and Caroline Alabi with their kids, Ande and Axton Alabi

Anthony Alabi is a well-known actor and A former offensive tackle in NFL in the United States. He played for Miami Dolphins, a fifth-round draft pick during the 2005 NFL season.

Anthony has also played for the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in his career. As an actor, Alabi has been in the spotlight since 2010.

Netflix’s Family Reunion is where the renowned actor most recently appeared. The United States Naval Academy briefly hosted the well-known actor in 1999 before he transferred to Texas Christian University, where Anthony had been a four-year letterman and had 35 career starts.

During Antony’s redshirt season in 2000, he switched from the defensive to the offensive lines. Texas Christian University was where he played collegiate football.

Are you interested in the well-known actor Anthony Alabi? His wife Caroline and their kids?

Who is Anthony Alabi’s wife? Then read on to learn more.

Anthony Alabi is Married to Wife Caroline Alabi

Image of Anthony Alabi with his wife, Caroline Alabi
Anthony Alabi with his wife, Caroline Alabi

Anthony frankly provided light on the difficulties he has endured in the acting world. The move from the NFL to Hollywood wasn’t seamless, as he was rejected from over 100 roles.

The rejections took their toll on his heart and head, and he began questioning his profession. He was about to leave performing, believing he had to mature or come out of Neverland.

His wife Caroline was always there for him when he needed it most. Caroline was prepared to live in a carton with Anthony if he decided to continue his career path.

Because of Anthony’s wife’s support, the actor persevered and was cast as Moz McKellan in the popular comedy series “Family Reunion” in 2019. Unfortunately, there is no data on how the actor met his wife, Caroline, when they married, or how long they’ve been married.

This post will be updated as soon as new information becomes available.

Caroline Alabi Biography

Besides being the wife of the famous actor Anthony Alabi, Caroline is a qualified Pilates instructor. Anthony Alabi’s wife has an Instagram account where she posts workouts and gives step-by-by-step instructions.

Pilates videos were provided in March 2020, when the Covid-19 outbreak began. Fans of Anthony Alabi’s wife were thrilled and appreciative of her efforts to raise awareness about the need for good health during the pandemic.

Anthony Alabi’s Kids

Image of Anthony and Caroline Alabi with their kids, Ande and Axton Alabi
Anthony and Caroline Alabi with their kids, Ande and Axton Alabi

I. Ande Alabi

She is the only daughter of the actor Anthony and his wife, Caroline. Ande was born in 2019 and is currently three years old.

II. Axton Alabi

He is the only son of the former offensive tackle Anthony and his lovely wife, Caroline. Axton was born in 2020 and is currently two years old.

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