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Andy Speer is not Married to Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Rebecca Kennedy

Image of Andy Speer with his wife, Rebecca Kennedy, and their son, Hudson

If you are a fan of workout exercises to improve your health and strength, then you might be familiar with Andy Speer, one of the most knowledgeable fitness coaches on the famous platform Peloton. He was entitled the “Men’s Health Next Top Trainer” because of his popularity as an instructor in New York City.

Andy Speer stated that since childhood, he had loved gymnastics; therefore, when he started college at the University of Miami, he became a gymnast enthusiast. He first set off in local gyms as he became a fitness coach, then switched to pole vaulting, and as time went by, Andy Speer was losing confidence since he had a skinny appearance. In the long run, he began his fitness career and worked hard as this helped him to gain his confidence back.

In 2014, he joined a well-known fitness competition and unexpectedly won its title. On Peloton, he grew into the most admired fitness trainer by numerous people, and an offer of being part of Shaun’s T Men Fitness DVD came, which inclined as bestsellers at the Beach body fitness platform.

His workouts ensure everybody’s strength and enjoyment, whether you want a total body workout or a five-minute warm session. His career aims to motivate every individual to start working on their health and become more muscular than ever, offering a secure and fierce drill to help them attain a well-built body.

His passion for his profession not only influences the viewers but also encourages the other Peloton trainers to have enthusiasm in their work. Who is Andy Speer’s Wife? Let us answer this question about his personal and romantic life by reading the article below.

Andy Speer is not Married to a Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Rebecca Kennedy

Image of Andy Speer with his wife, Rebecca Kennedy
Andy Speer with his wife, Rebecca Kennedy

As a workout instructor, of course, this is not a surprise anymore that the lady might become Andy Speer’s wife is also a fellow instructor. Her name is Rebecca Kennedy, and like Andy Speer, she is also a trainer in Peloton.

There is no specific information about when they started going out or how they started; they abruptly announced in 2021 that they are official girlfriend and boyfriend.

Rebecca Kennedy’s Biography

Rebecca Kennedy might soon become Andy Speer’s wife; therefore, let us have a short overview of who she is. Her movement foundation came from her background in dance, gymnastics, and track & field, which she uses as an instructor.

By empowering everyone in her class, she always makes her workout the best part of the day. She also stated that adventure makes her life as she loves conquering her fears, and climbing mountains, traveling, and cooking is her hobbies outside her career.

Andy Speer’s Previous Relationships

Sources indicated that Andy Speer was in a long relationship with Alex Silver; however, the couple parted ways in 2017. The reason for their split up is unknown, and Andy Speer has never mentioned anything about it since then.

His second relationship was with Katie Waissel, a singer and songwriter and the former star of X-factor in 24. Andy Speer married her; unfortunately, the couple parted ways after two months in 2018.

Andy Speer’s Kids

Image of Andy Speer and Rebecca Kennedy's son, Hudson
Andy Speer and Rebecca Kennedy’s son, Hudson

After the separation of Andy Speer and Katie Waissel, she also confirmed that she gave birth to their child, Hudson. They also mentioned that the baby was not on their plan, but it was a beautiful moment.

Further information about the child is presently unavailable. We will update this article once one of them releases a statement about their child.

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