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Andy Mineo is Married to Wife: Cristina Luz Delgado.

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Image of Andy Mineo with his wife, Cristina Luz Delgado

Andrew Aaron Mineo, commonly known as Andy Mineo, is a New York City-based Christian hip hop performer, producer, executive, and director. He was born in Syracuse, New York, on April 17, 1988, and is currently 34 years old.

Reach Records hip hop group 116 Clique includes Andy in their roster. Reach Records has the hip hop performer on their roster, as does his label, Miner League.

While attending Henninger High School in Upstate New York, the hip hop performer worked as a producer for the hip-hop group Fat Camp, signed by Syracuse University’s Marshall Street Records. After relocating to New York City, the producer became aware of his spiritual frailty, repented, and reopened his production studio with a new outlook on life and work.

Who is Andy Mineo’s wife? Are you interested in the Christian hip hop performer Andy and his wife, Christina Luz Delgado? Then read on to learn more.

Andy Mineo is Married to Wife: Cristina Luz Delgado since 2014

Image of Andy Mineo with his wife, Cristina Luz Delgado
Andy Mineo with his wife, Cristina Luz Delgado

Andy Mineo and Christina Luz Delgado were married in August of that year. In April of the same year, he had proposed to her, and Andy Mineo’s wife accepted.

As of right now, the couple is having a great time together as a married couple. After five months of dating, the Christian hip hop performer and his wife tied the knot on August 23, 2014.

Mineo reminisced about how his wife was unlike him. A loudmouthed extrovert, Andy was rude and impolite; on the other hand, his wife is a quiet and courteous introvert.

The producer continued by saying that despite their divergent views on many things, they’d been a stabilizing influence in each other’s life. “Opposite Attract” seems to be a common theme in the relationship between these two people.

Until today, no one had speculated about the couple’s breakup. It’s clear that their love for one another only deepens with time. Cristina, Andy Mineo’s wife, does not have any children of their own.

Cristina Luz Delgado’s Biography

Cristina Luz Delgado is most known for her marriage to Andy Mineo. Andy Mineo’s wife was born on September 15, 1991, and is currently 30 years old.

Andy Mineo’s wife was reared by a family whose identity was unknown to the general public. Even though we don’t know anything else about her life, we’ll keep this article updated if new information comes to light.

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