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Who was the First Wife of Andy Meredith?

Image of Andy Meredith and his Wife Brittany Meredith

Andy Meredith started his career in corporate before entering house renovation. He had previously worked for HP as a consultant in enterprise management in printing services. There he worked a decade and a year, then quit his job for his career in house renovating and created Old Home Love in March 2013, before it was eventually called Home Work

Andy Meredith runs the show alongside his current wife, Candis Meredith. The husband and wife married in 2013 when they were starting out in their company. Candis Meredith is involved with the show because she said that since she was a child, Candis had been interested in design, and at sixteen, she had been restoring old houses.  

The couple buys old houses and restores them. Other estates they’ve bought are kept for rentals. They endorse their work on social media platforms such as blogging, publishing books, and conducting TV hostings.

However, clients began expressing their concern about the prices and quality of the renovated homes by the two. PEOPLE had pulled Home Work from its platform on Magnolia Network  and prevented further airing of the show on television

Andy Meredith was Married to Ex-Wife, Brittany Meredith

Andy Meredith has been private about his first marriage. However, it is known that he had been married before. Brittany Meredith was Andy Meredith’s first wife.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide further details on how the two met or when they divorced.

Image of Andy Meredith and his Wife Brittany Meredith

 Brittany Meredith was a homeschool teacher, and there are zero reports when the former couple had been married, but it was shared that they had three children together.

Brittany Meredith’s Biography

Andy Meredith’s wife, Brittany Meredith, is his first wife before Andy Meredith’s wife of recent years, Candis Meredith. Little information is known about Andy Meredith’s wife, Brittany, but based on our acquired data, she worked as a teacher at Wonder Years Academy. 

Brittany Meredith shared three children with her former husband, Andy Meredith, and all are boys. Brittany shared how much she loved children and made a career in teaching and helping them.

She studied Early Childhood Development and garnered experience as a dance instructor for children, daycare assistant, teacher, and Scout leader. She currently works as an elementary school teacher at Deerfield Elementary School.

 Other information about Brittany Meredith’s life is undisclosed to the public for she had kept information about her past marriage and children to herself.

Andy Meredith’s Kids

Andy Meredith’s first wife gave birth to three children, and all are boys. We had no other information regarding their family and marriage, but it was said that he had children with his first wife, Brittany Meredith before they divorced, and House renovator eventually remarried. 

Rest assured, we will give you insights into new updates regarding Andy Meredith’s wife, former wife, current marriage life, and children. This article will be updated once Andy Meredith discloses information about their personal life.

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