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Andy Frisella is Married to Wife: Emily Frisella. Kids.

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Image of Andy Frisella with his wife, Emily Frisella

Andy Frisella is an American citizen who is a renowned influential public speaker and author. Aside from that, he is also a businessman.

He first rose to prominence when he started doing his own business called “1st Phorm International,” which sold health supplements way back in 2009. In one of his interviews, he stated that it was not easy at first, but he eventually managed to make his business grow.

Additionally, as a public speaker, Andy made a podcast called MFCEO Project Podcasts for those who want to start their own business or want to be like him but don’t have any courage to start. He is giving them a motivational word.

He became more popular when he made it in 2015. Following that, he also has another podcast called “Real AF Podcasts.”

In addition to that, Andy Frisella is now a married guy. He has a wife who is very supportive and caring to him named Emily Frisella. He is also a father of four.

This article contains some details about who Andy Frisella’s wife is. This write-up will also talk about his kids.

Andy Frisella is married to wife, Emily Frisella

Image of Andy Frisella with his wife, Emily Frisella
Andy Frisella with his wife, Emily Frisella

Unfortunately, any details about the wedding of Emily and Andy are not accessible online. Yet, based on some rumors, the two had been dating for a long time before Andy proposed to her.

Some rumors said that the couple is a college sweetheart. In one of his interviews, Andy stated that Emily was already there when planning his career.

He also said that Emily had been his number one fan and supporter. According to some credible sources, Andy Frisella’s wife has been married to him for more than five years now.

There are also no speculations if they are getting a divorce or what. Their relationship has been getting stronger each day that passes by.

Emily Frisella’s Biography

Emily Frisella is not just known as Andy Frisella’s wife. She is also mainly known as one of the best authors in the United States of America.

Just like his husband, Emily is also an entrepreneur. Aside from that, she is a chef and YouTuber too.

Some of their fans assumed that she was now in her 30s. However, there’s still no confirmation about her age and her birthday.

Andy Frisella’s Kids

Like this write-up stated above, Andy Frisella is a father of four. Sadly, there is no information about his kids’ age, education, birthday, and even their names because he prefers to keep his children’s life away from the media.

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