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Andy Dalton is Married to Wife: Jordan Dalton. Kids.

Image of Andy Dalton with his wife, Jordan Dalton, and their kids

National Football League quarterback Andy Dalton is previously known as “The Red Rifle.” He had played for teams such as Cincinnati Bengals, Dallas Cowboys, and Chicago Bears.

Before playing for the national team, he was a university player at his previous college, Texas Christian University. He was a prominent figure in their win at the 2011 Rose Bowl. 

Throughout NFL’s history, Andy Dalton was one of the few quarterbacks who had succeeded to have thrown for over 3000 yards in his first three seasons, and he is also one of the six other quarterbacks to have 20 touchdowns in his first three seasons. His years as a quarterback for Cincinnati Bengals were memorable, for he kept on breaking records and sustaining new ones after another.

The Bengals became a record holder for both passing yards and touchdowns in a season with Andy Dalton on their team. Is Andy Dalton Married to Wife? In this article, we will find out about his personal life, sports career, and marriage. 

Andy Dalton has been Married to Wife, Jordan Dalton, since 2011


Andy Dalton’s wife was his long-term girlfriend, Jordan. Dalton found the love of his life in his college girlfriend, and they dated for years before officially getting married on July 9, 2011, in a private ceremony. 

Andy Dalton’s wife is so lucky to find the perfect man in college, as the two had shared many moments. The romance of the two lovebirds began during their university years. Fortunately, the husband and wife are close as the two live not far from one another.

Andy Dalton described their wedding day as the best moment he can never forget. Andy Dalton is head over heels with his now-wife, and we can surely tell how much the two were in love that they were blessed to have three children in their decade-old marriage. 

The newlyweds are fortunate enough to enjoy a lovely wedding. The year that the Dalton couple was married was also the year that the Cincinnati Bengals drafted Andy Dalton, and he immediately began a promising football career after their wedding.

 Jordan Dalton’s Biography

Andy Dalton’s wife is Jordan Dalton, his longtime girlfriend whom he met in college. The NFL quarterback built a foundation with his wife, which they call the Andy and Jordan Dalton Foundation.  

Jordan Dalton a Christian, and she is very open with her faith. With that being said, the couple created their foundation to help children with disabilities and assist families with ongoing conflicts. 

Jordan Dalton is the foundation’s vice president and has been actively providing help to the less fortunate since 2012.

Andy Dalton’s Kids


Over a decade of marriage, Andy Dalton’s wife gave birth to three children: Nash Gordon, Noah Andrew, and Finley. The couple is steadfast in their Christian beliefs and is raising their children the same way.

The couple frequently show photos of their kids together and even snippets of their life outside Andy Dalton’s career in football.

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