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Andy Brickley is Married to Wife: Diane Brickley. Kids.

Image of Andy Brickley

With 14 seasons as a professional hockey player, Andy Brickley has had a lengthy and legendary career. He played in the grittiest league in America, the National Hockey League.

A player, he played for different teams in his career. With his excellence shown on top of the ice, he was selected as an All-ECAC Hockey First Team member in 1981-1982.

Now, he is retired from playing but still is involved in the hockey world. He works as a broadcaster and a commentator in hockey games for the Boston Bruins.

With his decorated career as a player and a busy career as a commentator, does he still have time for a wife? Read more to know about Andy Brickley’s wife and relationship status.

Andy Brickley is Married to Wife: Diane Brickley

Image of Andy Brickley
Andy Brickley is a former American professional hockey player. He used to play in National Hockey League, American Hockey League, and the International Hockey League.

A long and colorful career in hockey can give a severe toll on the body and mind of an athlete. Luckily for the sports commentator, he has someone who helps him every step of the way during his professional playing career.

Andy Brickley’s marital status is married. He is fully committed to his family and wife.

The union between him and Diane Brickley is said to be as stable as a rock because of the experiences they have faced throughout their relationship. Andy Brickley’s wife fully supports the celebrity with all his endeavors and career choices.

Who is Diane Brickley?

Life without a partner may seem hard for some people. But the benefits of having one are beneficial, especially if you are a busy man, just like Andy Brickley.

The sports commentator has been in love with Diane Brickley for a long time. With her physical attributes and infectious smile, we can all agree on why the hockey man fell in love with her.

Andy Brickley’s wife also has a good heart in her. This is displayed in her efforts to help her community.

She heralds the Good Sports organization that helps people with sporting equipment. By giving aid to kids who are less fortunate, Andy Brickley’s wife aims to improve the lives of those in a poor situation little by little.

Andy Brickley’s Kids

A hockey career and a family life are not easy to handle simultaneously. Luckily for the celebrity, he managed to do it with the help of the people around him.

His own family consists of four members. Alongside his wife, Andy lives with their two kids in their humble home in Massachusetts.

With the with of their father, the lives of Andy’s kids remain dark. We can say that this is because the family wants to retain their privacy even if their dad is one of the stars of hockey.

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