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Andrew Ridgeley is Married to Wife: Keren Woodward. Kids.

Image of Andrew Ridgeley with his wife, Keren Woodward

The 80s saw the rise of different male pop stars. One of them is Andrew Ridgeley. With his partner George Michael, the English duo formed the group, Wham!.

The group achieved worldwide success during its heyday. Their 1984 album Make it Big was one of the most commercially successful albums of the time.

With the busy career of the singer, does he have a partner? Keep reading this article to know more about Andrew Ridgeley’s wife.

Andrew Ridgeley is Married to his Wife: Keren Woodward

Image of Andrew Ridgeley with his wife, Keren Woodward
Andrew Ridgeley with his wife, Keren Woodward

The British singer managed to achieve success not only in the music industry but also with his love interests. He says that the inspiration behind his hit singles is his other half, whom he cherishes the most.

But who is Andrew Ridgeley’s wife? The singer’s partner is also a musician named Keren Woodward.

The two enjoy more than two decades of being together. But in 2017, it was reported that the longtime couple decided to part ways.

This led to many speculations about their relationship. But two years after, the couple decided to get back together and mend their broken relationship.

Who is Keren Woodward?

Representing the city of Bristol in England, Andrew Ridgeley’s wife is a successful singer on her own. She was welcomed into this world on the 2nd of April in 1961.

Even before entering the industry of music as a professional, Andrew Ridgeley’s wife had already honed her skills during her youth. Her time with choirs enabled her to train her skills as a pianist.

Right after her studies, the talented woman immediately went to find a job and landed at the BBC. By the 1980s, she wanted to gain fame with her gifts in music.

So, Andrew Ridgeley’s wife started to find members of a group she was creating. Alongside Siobhan Ferey and Sarah Dallin, the three women graced the British airwaves with wonderful music as Bananarama.

At their peak, Keren and her peers managed to be at the top of Billboard Hot 100. Their song “Venus” achieved global success, which made them one of Britain’s most iconic groups of the 80s.

During the 80s, she found love with a male model. He is named David Scott-Evans.

Eventually, the two broke up due to unknown reasons. But after him came the musician Andrew Ridgeley.

Andrew Ridgeley’s Kids

After all the ups and downs that their union faced, the couple got together again. A considerable part of this decision was their kid.

With God’s guidance, Andrew and Keren raised their one and only child. He is a handsome man named Thomas.

As usual, Andrew Ridgeley’s wife takes care of the kid. The family reunited and now lives in the company of one another.

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