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Andrew Klavan is Married to Wife: Ellen Flanagan. Kids.

Image of Andrew Klavan

For you to win an Edgar Award, you must first exhibit excellence in writing mystery fiction and novels, this is the case with Andrew Klavan. The Jewish New York native has tons of experience under his belt which landed him several jobs in the industry as an essayist.

As Keith Peterson, he wrote many novels like the John Well Mysteries stories. Because of his critically-acclaimed works, he managed to get nominated twice for the Edgar Awards and has won two from the Mystery Writers of America.

With the busy writing career of the author, does he have spare time for love? Keep reading this article to know more about Andrew Klavan’s wife.

Andrew Klavan is Married to Wife: Ellen Flanagan

Image of Andrew Klavan
Andrew Klavan is an American writer of crime and suspense novels.

An award-winning novelist may strike as a hardcore bookworm with no other life than books. But this is not the case with Mr. Klavan.

Although he has a very time-consuming profession, he still manages to find love in this world. He is already committed with one woman.

Andrew Klavan is married with his one and only love Ellen Flanagan. The two has enjoyed and nourished a very lengthy union.

The author and Andrew Klavan’s wife have built their own family with their kids being full-fledged adults now.

Who is Ellen Flanagan?

Andrew Klavan’s wife is Ellen Flanagan. During her youth, she was a very stunning woman.

It is said that she looks alone could make you fall in love. With this in mind, one might think that she would be very famous in today’s time.

But that is not the case because Andrew Klavan’s wife does not want to gain fame. She has a lowkey status.

This is the reason why her details may seem hard to find.

Andrew Klavan’s Kids

The union between two people are one of the most fulfilling experience in the world. This bond was experienced by Andrew and Ellen which resulted into their loving family.

The married couple was blessed with two lovely children. Their firstborn is the son Spencer Klavan.

Spencer is not a full-grown adult. He works as an associate editor for the Claremont Institute.

Because of his Oxford skills, he also works as a feature editor for the American Mind. Spencer also hosts the Young Heretics show that talks about different contemporary issues.

The young man is already taken and engaged with his long-time love, Joshua Herr. Their second child is a daughter named Faith Moore.

Unlike her brother, Faith’s information is not readily available. But she also excels in her career path chosen.

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