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Anders Lee is Married to Wife: Grace Dooley

Image of Anders Lee with his wife, Grace Dooley, and their daughter

In recent years, hockey as a sport has seen an uprising with engagements, especially among the youth because of the sport’s superstars such as Anders Lee. As a professional athlete, Anders plays for the New York Islanders.

His entry into the National Hockey League did not come easy. During the 2009 NHL Rookie draft, the star athlete was drafted in the sixth round.

But this did not stop him from continuing to pursue greatness. He improved his skills and eventually was named an all-star in 2009.

With a promising career ahead of the hockey star, what is his relationship status? Keep reading this article to know more about Anders Lee’s wife.

Anders Lee is Married to his Wife: Grace Dooley

Image of Anders Lee with his wife, Grace Dooley
Anders Lee with his wife, Grace Dooley

With a stellar career in hockey, one must be very curious whether the star athlete has already found the woman of his dreams. In this part, we will inform you about Ander’s relationship status.

According to sources, the hockey star’s marital status is already married. The young stud married a gorgeous lady Grace Dooley.

It is said that their relationship is very fairytale-like because of how their wedding was held. Anders and Grace tied the knot and exchanged their vows on the 7th of July in the year of our lord 2018.

The ceremony was conducted in one of Chicago’s prestigious churches, Queen of All Saints Basilica. After the church event, the married couple headed to Lincoln Park’s Café Brauer to celebrate their new union.

With such a grand wedding ceremony, a lot of fans and admirers congratulated the couple because of how strong their bond with each other is. The married duo is still waiting for the right time to start building their own family.

Who is Grace Dooley?

Being one of the faces of modern hockey, it is only right that Anders has a beautiful woman to support him in his career. But many are eager to know who is Anders Lee’s wife?

To answer that question, we must dive deep into the hockey star’s life because he tries to keep his private life away from the media. Anders lee’s wife is the lovely American woman, who he married, named Grace Dooley.

Speaking of privacy, Grace seems to take this very seriously because she can’t be found on any of the social media sites. In addition to this, all of Anders Lee’s wife’s private information is not revealed to the masses.

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