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Amy Walter is Married to Wife: Kathryn Hamm. Kids: Caleb Hamm-Wal

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Image of Amy Walter with her wife, Kathryn Hamm

Amy Walter is a renowned political analyst, journalist, author, host, publisher, and media personality. She is a very talented and intelligent individual supported by her wife, Kathryn.

When people hear that someone is wedded to a wife, they immediately think that the topic is about a man. However, living in the 21st century, not everyone will be attracted to the opposite sex.

She is known to advocate for same-sex relationships, something that she is a part of. Fortunately for her and her partner, society today is more supportive of marriages and relationships that promote love rather than olden stigmatized traditions.

Even though you may not be familiar with her yet, you may have already seen her work before in various newspapers and online news sources. Being in the journalism industry for years now, younger and aspiring reporters and journalists often revere her raw skill and talent when it comes to delivering information.

How is the romantic life of author and journalist Amy Walter? We’ll answer questions about his personal and romantic life in the article below.

Amy Walter is Married to her Wife Kathryn Hamm since 2013

Image of Amy Walter with her wife, Kathryn Hamm
Amy Walter with her wife, Kathryn Hamm

After almost a decade of being a couple, these two lovebirds have seen and experienced a lot of blessings and challenges in their lives. Despite being married in 2013, the couple has already stayed as partners for over 20 years.

It is only recently that they got officially married. They first tied the knot in 1999, but because no laws have been passed allowing same-sex marriage before, they haven’t enjoyed the advantages of being a married couple.

But thanks to legislators and America’s governing body, couples like Amy and Kathryn would no longer be afraid to be themselves outdoors. There is no reason for them to hide their love story from people worldwide.

Alexander Abramov’s Past Relationships and Ex-Wife

Judging by the years that the two have spent together as lovers, it might be plausible that the journalist has not been in any relationship before meeting her wife. Not to mention the heavy discrimination that homosexuals like her had faced before the civil union of same genders was legalized.

We do not remove the possibility of her having dated other people before meeting her wife. But, sources do not have any records that show her being in a previous relationship in her past.

She is yet to disclose any probable information that may confirm or deny any speculations that the public has.

Kathryn Hamm’s Biography

The publisher is not the only literary expert and creative in their household. Her wife, Kathryn Hamm, is a certified author, publisher, academic instructor, and COO.

Amy Walter’s wife likes to write about the subject of same-sex weddings. Because of the same idea, Amy Walter’s wife became a publisher of the online buzz site

Currently, she is the current Chief Operating Officer of the online newsletter known as The Cook Political Report. Amy Walter’s wife is working side by side together with her loving partner.

Amy Walter’s Kids

Given the intricacies of human anatomy, it is evident that the couple would not be able to bear a child because they both have female reproductive organs. However, it is not a reason for them to let biology hinder their way of establishing a family.

They adopted a boy named Caleb back in 2006. Although the couple is not vocal when it comes to sharing the private information of their kid, we all know that he is very loving, just like his parents.

He is also currently residing with his adoptive parents, as they teach him to grow as an amiable kid.

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