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Amy Ray is Married to Wife: Carrie Schrader. Kids.

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Image of Amy Ray

Amy Elizabeth Ray is an American alto singer-songwriter of the contemporary folk duo Indigo Girls. This duo was formed by Amy Ray and Emily Saliers, both from Atlanta, Georgia, United States, in 1985.

Since then, their genre of folk-rock music has captured the hearts of many, helping them to have a solid fanbase. Born in Decatur, Georgia, the United States, on April 12, 1964, Amy Ray has dedicated her life to music.

Being acquaintanced with Emily Saliers since elementary, they have decided to perform throughout high school until college. When they were both studying at Emory University, they weekly performed for The Dugout, a known bar in the Emory Village. Then the duo released their self-produced, full-length record album in 1987 with the title Strange Fire.

In 1988 they sky-rocketed their career by contracting with major companies. Throughout 1987 to 2297, Indigo Girls successfully released nine albums with major record labels, all having certifications and in top-charting positions. 

In the current years, they still release self-produced albums with their own IG recordings company, such as Daemon Records. More notably, Ray released solo albums and has already founded a non-profit organization that supports and promotes independent musicians and aspirants alike.

Is Amy Ray Married? Learn more about his personal life, past relationships, and dating rumors in the article below. 

Amy Ray has been Married to Wife, Carrier Schrader since 2006

Image of Amy Ray

Amy Ray is an American singer and songwriter. She is also known as a member of the duo called Indigo Girls

The full details about the marriage life of Amy Ray’s wife, Carrier Schrader, he was not fully disclosed. Amy Ray’s wife had yet announced their love story, for they are keeping their private matters within themselves

The information was not sufficient enough about when, where, and how they are married but one thing is for sure, Andy Ray’s wife, Carrier Schrader and Andy Ray started their relationship in the year 2006 and only this 2018 did Schrader give birth to their lovely daughter which they named Oziline Graydon. 

Amy Ray’s Previous Relationships 

The Indigo Girls both came out as lesbians in the year 1993 but were claimed to have never been in a romantic relationship with each other. Instead, it was reported that Ray had had a long-term relationship with Cooper Seay, a well-known musician of their time. 

Aside from Seay, Ray has also linked with Jennifer Baumgardner, a feminist author. However, in 2003, Amy Ray announced that she had a relationship with a documentary filmmaker, Carrie Schrader.  

Carrie Schrader’s Biography

Image of Carrie Schrader

Carrie Schrader is a known producer and director. She is also known as the partner of the Indigo Gils’ Amy Ray.

Although the line of work of Amy Ray’s wife, Carrie Schrader, was interlinked with the spotlight and publicity, the promising filmmaker kept her personal life private as much as possible. The only known part of her biography is her occupation as a director and producer of well-received films like Don’t Mess with Texas in 2008,The Founders premiered last 2016, and The Battle of Bedtime Starring Batdad!(2015).

This article will be continuously edited as more information will be disclosed about Amy Ray’s Wife.

Amy Ray’s Kids

With famous parents, Ozilline Graydon will undoubtedly be a subject of interest for followers and fans of her parents, Amy Ray and Carrie Schrader. Fortunately, the kid was able to have a peaceful life away from the chaotic limelight.

The only known fact about her was the year of her birth which is 2018. Other than that, everything remains a mystery. 

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