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Allen Ren is Married to Wife: Nie Huan. Kids.

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Image of Allen Ren with his wife, Nie Huan

Allen Ren is a Chinese television actor famous for his works in the hit historical drama “Glory of Tang Dynasty.” He also was a famous athlete who played table tennis during his youth.

Ren Jia Lun was born on April 11, 1989. He started his career when he was part of the idol show Super Boy and Korean Star.

The famous actor was meant to debut as a musician in 2014, but due to undisclosed reasons, he did not continue and quit right after. But he pursued his acting career and starred in multiple shows in China.

With the busy career of the actor, does he have time to have a partner? We will answer this question in this article, so keep reading because we have all the information you need regarding the wife, married life, and kids of, Allen Ren.

Allen Ren is Married to Wife: Nie Huan

Image of Allen Ren with his wife, Nie Huan

Allen Ren with his wife, Nie Huan

The Chinese idol has stolen a lot of hearts of his fans. But Ren’s heart already belongs to someone else.

Allen Ren is currently married with his longtime partner, Nie Huan. The two has enjoyed a prosperous and lengthy relationship.

According to sources, their bond with each other started in 2012 where they met at a set of the series they are working on. Ren also said that he was amazed on how beautiful Nie Huan looked and believed it was love at first sight.

The two then went on to tie the knot in 2019. After the couple received hate and bashing from the actor’s fan, it was a private wedding ceremonys.

This was because his fans were mostly girls who were envious of the lovely woman. Their relationship remained private for a long time and announced that they are having a baby in 2019.

Nie Huan’s Biography

The famous actor is praised for his acting skills and good looks. So, it comes with no surprise that his partner his beautiful as well.

Allen Ren’s wife is the lovely Nie Huan. She is a fellow Chinese national and was born on March 22, 1991.

Nie is has a charming and soft appearance. Because of this, she had the chance to enter the showbiz industry. But unlike her husband, Huan only had minor roles and small-time acting jobs.

One of her shows was the tv drama titled “Tongtian Di Renjie” in 2011. She worked with world-renowned Chinese actors such as Andy Lau and Jialin Zhao.

She also played the role of Leng Yue in the 2017 crime detective show that was set on ancient China “Detective Dee. The lovely actress was casted multiple times after that but her acting career has been on a decline recently.

Although only a few compared to other actresses, her fans hope that she will come back to acting. But the Chinese woman has been busy with other things on her life.

Allen Ren’s wife is already a mother. She takes care of their little baby while being a full-time wife.

Despite not being on social media platforms anymore, the lovely mother was seen in different posts traveling around China. She often takes pictures of landscapes and the beautiful sceneries that she goes to.

Ever since her hiatus from acting, Allen Ren’s wife decided to live a private and quiet life. She wants to remain outside the reach of controversies and issues.

Allen Ren’s Kids

The love between Nie and Allen has encountered a lot of criticisms throughout their career. But this did not stop them to create their own family.

The couple has a cute child. His birth was announced by Ren to the public in 2018.

Unfortunately, the actor did not reveal anymore information about the baby. This is because he wants his private life to remain peaceful and confidential.

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