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Alex Sensation is Married to Wife: Diana Sensation. Kids: Willis, Watson Robert Harvill

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Image of Alex Sensation with his wife, Diana Sensation

Alex Sensation is the voice that dominates the airwaves of the Hispanic region of Columbia. He is a recognized Disco Jockey, producer, singer, rapper, and radio personality constantly producing dance and pop music.

Of course, many artists in the country are doing the same thing, but what separates his music from the rest is his influence on reggaeton. The DJ is one of the forerunners that brought the sound of Latin Reggaeton to the streets, clubs, and discos of North America.

His reputation precedes him even outside of the music industry. The producer has also paved the way for the new urban movement to reach and relate to the new generation.

If it weren’t for his contribution to the art and music of Columbia, we would not see younger kids and teens dancing and appreciating the beauty of his work. You may not know him yet, but his influence on the world of musicianship extends to the outermost parts of the world.

How is the romantic life of famed DJ Alex Sensation? Who is Alex Sensation’s wife? We’ll answer questions about his personal and romantic life in the article below.

Alex Sensation has been Married to his Wife, Diana Sensation, for 20 years.

Image of Alex Sensation with his wife, Diana Sensation
Alex Sensation with his wife, Diana Sensation

The couple share and have had a long history of love and affection for over two decades. Although they have not disclosed the same year where they decided to be wedded, it is confirmed that they spent a considerable chunk of their lives as Mr. and Mrs. The information regarding their marriage can be traced back to an Instagram post that was upon the artist’s account.

It does not go into detail. However, it says that they have celebrated over 20 years of being a married couple.

This information shocked some fans, thinking that they just met each other recently when in reality, their married life is older than many of the DJ’s fanbase.

Alex Sensation Past Relationships and Ex-Wife

There is not much information available regarding the producer’s love life. Because of it, there have also been no reports that he had dated anyone before he tied the knot with his wife.

However, looking at the length of their marriage, it is possible that Diana was the first and only woman that the celebrity had laid his lovely eyes on.

Diana Sensation’s Biography

Alex Sensation’s wife, Diana, is not a fan of the fame and the recognition that her husband gets every day. Alex Sensation’s wife has shied away from the spotlight for so many years now and is looking to continue to do so.

This is also why sources have limited details regarding her private life. We hope that she will become welcoming to the public regarding her personal history and background.

Alex Sensation’s Kids

Image of Alex and Diana Sensation with their kids
Alex and Diana Sensation with their kids

The radio DJ and his wife’s lengthy love story resulted in the birth of not just one kid but two boys. Even though their names are not readily available for us to know, it is believed that they have quite the age gap.

The couple’s eldest son is already 24 years old, while their youngest is still below ten years old.

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