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Albert Brooks is Married to Wife: Kimberly Brooks. Kids.

Image of Albert Brooks with his wife, Kimberly Brooks

Finding Nemo can be recalled as a childhood movie for a lot of young adults of this generation, the actor Albert Brooks was the voice behind Nemo’s father, Marlin. The animated film became such a hit that it was awarded an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature and became one of the highest-selling animated films ever produced.

He had quite a humble beginning with great success in his career. He started as a stand-up comic and turned into an award-winning actor and best-selling author.

He was known for his comedic acts as an award-winning actor, novelist, and filmmaker. Believe it or not, Albert Brooks was not his birth name.

Albert Lawrence Einstein had to change his name for people to not mistake him for the famous physicist Albert Einstein, good thing Brooks made that decision instead of being dubbed as “Albert Einstein,” the comedian.

Brooks’ most successful movie, Taxi Driver, made him recognized as a comedian where he played the role of Martin Scorsese. Eventually, Brooks won an Academy Award, establishing his reputation as a comedian.

He started his career by appearing in various tv shows as a stand-up comedian; he had been to shows such as The Steve Allen Show and Tonight Starring Johnny Carson, as well as acting appearances in movies like Private Benjamin and This is 40. Brooks also tried recording, and his work, Comedy Minus One, and A Star is Bought, earned him a Grammy Nomination for Best Comedy Recording.

Is Albert Brooks Married to Wife? We will find out about his personal life, marriage, kids, and career in the article below.

Albert Brooks has been Married to Wife, Kimberly Brooks, since 1997

Image of Albert Brooks with his wife, Kimberly Brooks
Albert Brooks with his wife, Kimberly Brooks

Albert Brooks’ wife, Kimberly Brooks,  had been married for twenty-five years and shared two children. Marriage with him came after his years of casually dating and relationships with other actresses.

Regarding how the two met, it is still a mystery, and we cannot yet tell how Albert Brooks’s wife and he met, but it is since that the relationship between the two is going well for maintaining their marriage for more than two decades.

Albert Brooks’ Past Relationships

Albert Brook had been dating actresses before he met his wife. He was rumored to have an affair with actress Kathryn Harrold in 1980. He dated other actresses like Carrie Fisher, Linda Ronstadt, and Julie Hagerty before marrying his now-wife, Kimberly Shain.

The couple has two kids, son Jacob and daughter Claire.

Kimberly Brooks’ Biography

Albert Brooks’ wife, Kimberly Shlain, is a visual artist and web designer. Unfortunately, we have no other information besides her career, but being married for twenty-five years meant the couple trusted each other.

But, we will try to write about Kimberly Brooks as soon as details about her personal life are shared with the public.

Albert Brooks’ Kids

Image of Albert Brooks with his wife, Kimberly Brooks, and their kids
Albert Brooks with his wife, Kimberly Brooks, and their kids

Albert Brooks’ wife gave birth to two children, a son and a daughter, namely Jacob Eli Einstein Brooks and Claire Elizabeth Einstein Brooks. Although their father is a renowned comedian, an award-winning actor, and a best-selling author, their family has kept a low profile. 

Thus, we do not have enough details regarding their personal life. But you may check their social media as the couple shares some pictures of their family together.

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