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Al Leiter is Married to Wife: Lori Leiter. Kids.

Image of Al Leiter with his wife, Lori Leiter, and their kids

In a family of six boys, where everyone plays sports, Al Leiter had spent most of his youth discovering his passion turned into a career in baseball. At a very young age, he was exposed to the sport as he had played baseball for his high school team and when he entered college.

He spent his high school days at the Central Regional High School, where his team commended him for being one of their exceptional players and for keeping a good record in games. Alois Terry Leiter was from a broken family, and he was born on October 23, 1965.

Despite his parents’ separation in his teenage years, he had his brothers’ support in everything he did, especially in sports. At nineteen, his brother Mark and him were both top picks by the Yankees but eventually, he was drafted instead during their second round of selections.

Leiter had an incredible career, amassing success everywhere he went. He bagged different championships throughout his sports career with him on the team.

Al Leiter played pitcher for nineteen years; in that span of years, he had been drafted and traded for other major leagues. As of current, he was now a retired MLB player wherein he had played for teams such as the New York Yankees, Florida Marlins, NY Mets, and Toronto Blue Jays.

This formidable player also had his difficult days; he had been injured several times and had undergone two arthroscopic injuries. Despite these complications, he played an essential role for the Toronto Blue Jays in winning their two consecutive World Championships.

Since his retirement from his sports career, he now worked as a studio analyst for MLB Network and broadcaster for different media in recent years. Is Al Leiter Married to Wife? We will find out about his personal life, marriage, and sports career in the article below. 

Al Leiter has been Married to Wife, Lori Leiter since 1991

Image of Al Leiter with his wife, Lori Leiter
Al Leiter with his wife, Lori Leiter

Al Leiter’s wife, Lori Leiter, seemed to keep her personal life away from the media; although the two may not publicly display their love off-screen, the couple had maintained their marriage and have been married since 1991. They had four children together, and he and Al Leiter’s wife had successfully kept their relationship from scandals and controversies. 

Lori Leiter’s Biography

Lori Leiter’s personal life and career are undisclosed from the media, but it was known that she was Al Leiter’s wife, the retired veteran MLB pitcher, and now a sports broadcaster. We will give you insights about Al Leiter’s wife once the news is shared about her in the media.

In the meantime, her life remains a mystery to us.

 Al Leiter’s Kids

Image of Al Leiter with his wife, Lori Leiter, and their kids
Al Leiter with his wife, Lori Leiter, and their kids

Al Leiter’s wife seems to live a happy marriage with her husband, for their love has resulted in four children, Lindsay Brooke, Carly Jayne, Jack Thomas, and Katelyn Grace. With having a professional baseball player for a father, Al Leiter’s son Jack Leiter proceeded with pursuing baseball as a career, following his dad.

With his father’s help, he shows a good record as he was drafted into MLB in 2019 in the 20th round. His daughters Lindsay, Carly, and Katelyn, are private in their personal life. This article will be updated once information about the sisters is shared with the public.

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