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Akaash Singh is Married to Wife: Jasleen Chawla

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Image of Akaash Singh with his wife, Jasleen Chawla

Akaash Singh is an American comedian that has Indian ancestry. He rose to prominence after his viral stand-up comedy performances.

Akaash Singh was born on May 4, 1984. He grew up in Dallas, Texas, alongside his Indian Punjabi Hindu Parents.

His comedy career started during his college days when he performed stand-up comedy shows. But his most significant break came when his comedy special entitled Bring Back Apu went viral on YouTube.

He appeared in different comedy shows such as Wild’n Out and The Leftovers. But after his career there, he started to host podcasts.

Singh is the host of the Flagrant two podcast alongside Andrew Schultz. It has achieved great success and is one of the most viewed podcasts.

Curious about the celebrity’s life? Read this article as we reveal more information about Akaash Singh’s wife’s relationship status.

Akaash Singh is Married to his Wife: Jasleen Chawla

Image of Akaash Singh with his wife, Jasleen Chawla
Akaash Singh with his wife, Jasleen Chawla

The star comedian has gained a lot of fans because of his genius style of comedy. But his number one fan is the love of his life.

Akaash Singh is currently married to a lovely woman named Jasleen Chawla. The two have a very interesting story about how they first met.

The comedian said that he experienced love at first sight. He met her after his show at Hoboken Comedy Festival.

Akaash said he chased Jasleen because he was amazed at how beautiful the woman looked. Although the comic was already famous at that time, Chawla did not have much information about him.

Then, the two of them dated and got into a relationship in 2015. They got to know each other by always going out and spending time together.

In 2019, Akaash asked Jasleen’s hand for marriage. The public engagement was held at the Empire State Building many people.

After two years, they got married in New Jersey in 2021. It was a traditional wedding that was attended by their families and friends.

The two have been living together ever since. Fans are waiting when the couple would reveal their child, but the comedian said that he does not want to rush things and wants to have a baby when the time is right.

Who is Jasleen Chawla?

The comedian met a lot of women throughout his career. But the only woman that made him stand up and chase after was the lovely Jasleen.

Jasleen in Akaash Singh’s wife. She is an Indian woman with a shining smile that made the comedian fall in love easily.

She lives in the United States of America and loves traveling with her other half. Akaash Sing’s wife also supports her husband during his shows and performances and is often seen among the crowd.

Despite her husband’s success, Akaash Singh’s wife does not want the spotlight. She has private social media accounts and does not engage with the media or fans.

Unfortunately, because of this, we cannot find any more details about the lovely woman. This article will be updated once information about her is revealed.

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