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Is AJ Galante Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

Image of Aj Galante a Former Trasher General Manager

AJ Galante rose to prominence because of his involvement in various sports such as Ice Hockey and Boxing. His interest mainly came from his family’s fortune and his utter liking of athleticism.

He came from a wealthy family with several businesses and connections across the globe. When his infamous father, James “Jimmy” Galante, got a hold of the rights and ownership of a small-time hockey team known as the Danbury Trashers, AJ was thrust into responsibility.

Because of his father’s involvement in any illegal activities, he was left with no choice but to carry the burden of running and managing an Ice Hockey team. Even though the crew would not last for a long time, it was the first experience for the young sportsman to handle a primary profitable business.

Despite the struggles of his family’s hockey club, this did not stop the celebrity from pursuing other ventures. And so, he turned out to be a boxing promoter just a few years later.

Curious about the romantic life of former Danbury Trashers general manager AJ Galante? Who is AJ Galante’s wife?

We’ll answer questions about his personal and romantic life in the article below.

Is AJ Galante Married to Wife?

Image of Aj Galante a Boxing and Hockey Promoter

Aj Galante, a Boxing and Hockey Promoter

Since he came into the spotlight in 2004, AJ did not seem to be the most publicly open person. He has limited reports regarding him and has always stayed behind the frontlines of news and controversy.

Even at the height of his popularity, he has continuously kept a low profile and avoided any issues that may involve him, especially his criminal father. At this moment, there has been no information regarding the former general manager’s romantic relationship.

AJ Galante’s wife and any news about her will take a while to be exposed as the athlete solely focuses on his career and enjoys his single life.

AJ Galante’s Biography

When authorities charged and arrested his father, he had no choice but to live a regular and average life. He was taken aback and had to survive without the luxuries that his family provided him when he was growing up.

From then on kept a private type of lifestyle, driving trucks as his primary source of income. Fortunately for him, this did not last long.

A friend came and approached him if he wanted to be a boxing promoter. Anyone in their sane mind would instantly say yes because it is a job that pays a lot higher and is much better than driving all day.

He agreed to it and is now part of a boxing crew, having a much better life than a few years back. Who knew that his handling of a hockey team for almost three short years would result in him getting back into the sports business.

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