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Aidan Quinn is Married to Wife: Elizabeth Bracco. Kids.

Image of Aidan Quinn with his wife, Elizabeth Bracco

The 63-year-old actor Aidan Quinn and his family are no strangers to the acting industry, and it is no surprise that he will pursue the same career. His sibling, Marian Quinn, worked as an actress, director, and writer, while his brother Declan Quinn works as a cinematographer. 

Quinn and his siblings were born and raised in Rockford, Illinois, and in his mother’s homeland, in Dublin and Birr, County Offaly, in Ireland. His family is American and of Irish descent. Quinn started training in acting at the Piven Theatre workshop, though he first started at Chicago Theatre at the age of nineteen.

In his early years as an actor, he debuted in the character ‘Johnny Rourke’ in the movie, Reckless, and his role as ‘Dez’ in the film Desperately Seeking Susan cast him in the spotlight as acting projects soon came afterward. In the same year, he was included for a Primetime Emmy nomination for his casting in a TV movie with Quinn as the main character, An Early Frost.

Aidan Quinn lived his career in acting far from rumors. There are no scandals and controversies about him reported throughout his years in the industry.

Is Aidan Quinn Married to Wife? We will find out about his personal life, marriage, and career in the article below.

Aidan Quinn has been married to his Wife: Elizabeth Bracco, since 1987

Image of Aidan Quinn with his wife, Elizabeth Bracco
Aidan Quinn with his wife, Elizabeth Bracco

Aidan Quinn’s wife, Elizabeth Brocco and Aidan Quinn fell in love instantly as they were paired for the 1987 film, Stakeout. In the first few months of dating, the actor may have felt that he had found the one in his wife as they got married in the same year, on September 1, 1987.

For 31 years of marriage, the couple had stayed strong without any controversies and scandals in the relationship. The couple was a match made in heaven, for they had kept their marriage and always supported one another.

Aidan Quin once said, “there’s no one else but your partner who knows what you’re going through.” The public may have known their love story by falling in love on set, but they kept their privacy and remained in love in silence.

Elizabeth Bracco’s Biography

Aidan Quinn’s wife is actress Elizabeth Bracco, who is known for her role in the TV series The Sopranos, where she acted as Marie Spatafore, the wife of Vito Spatafore. 

You may also be familiar with her sister, the actress Lorraine Bracco as she was one of the main characters in the same movie Elizabeth Bracco starred. 

The sisters have a brother named Salvatore Bracco, Jr. Bracco was born on November 5, 1987, and was raised in Westbury, New York, by parents Eileen and Salvatore Bracco.

Aidann Quinn’s Kids

Aidan Quinn’s wife became a mother after a year in their marriage and gave birth to their first child, an adorable baby girl, the couple named Ava Eileen Quinn. Their second daughter was also born in the same year and was named Mia Quinn.

Ava was diagnosed with autism, and things were quite challenging, especially for her and her parents. Still, despite her occurring disability, Ava was able to start her career in acting along with her sister and follow in the footsteps of her parents.

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