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Ahmad Rashad is Married to Wife: Ana Luz-Rodriguez. Kids.

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Image of Ahmad Rashad with his current wife, Ana Luz-Rodriguez

Ahmad Rashad is a name that you may be familiar with if you are an avid sports fan, specifically when it comes to American football. However, some older fans may know him more through his birth name Bobby Moore.

The athlete has two names because a year after he entered the National Football League, he changed his name to Ahmad Rashad because he became an Islam devotee. This may be common knowledge for earlier enthusiasts, but this is still unknown to those of the new generation.

His professional NFL career started in 1972 when he was drafted 4th in the overall choice of players by the St. Louis Cardinals. He was placed at the wide receiver position and has since been in the role until his retirement from the sport.

After a decade of participating in the grandest stage in all of football, the sportsman decided to remove the helmet and leave playing. But, his passion for the world of sports has not dwindled, and he became an analyst and commentator for the NBA and the NFL.

Who is Ahmad Rashad’s wife? We’ll answer his personal and romantic life questions in the article below.

Ahmad Rashad has been Married to his Wife, Ana Luz Rodriguez since 2016

Image of Ahmad Rashad with his current wife, Ana Luz-Rodriguez
Ahmad Rashad with his current wife, Ana Luz-Rodriguez

It is pretty known that the sportsman has the skills to win against women. It is a no-brainer to fall in love with someone like him of his athletic skills, looks, physique, and great fortune.

Ahmad Rashad’s wife, Ana Luz Rodriguez, got her heart captivated by the former football player during their years of seeing each other. After a few moments of dating, the couple finally decided to make it official between them so that they would become Mr. and Mrs.

Ahmad Rashad’s wife said a wonderful yes when the sports analyst asked for her hand and became her loving partner for a long time. They tied the knot at a beautiful place in Palm Beach County, surrounded by close friends, colleagues, and family members.

They live a quiet and peaceful life away from all the drama the commentator has had in his daily life. He and Ahmad Rashad’s wife may not be the most vocal sports couple, but we all know that they have a sweet and happy relationship as husband and wife.

Ahmad Rashad’s Past Relationships

The football star is quite the playboy for love, especially when he is still in his prime years. He had four failed marriages before finding the one person he wanted to spend his days with.

  1. Deidre Waters
  • She is the first wife of the celebrity, and they had a kid during their time as lovers. They got wedded back in 1969 and spent an early portion of their life showing affection to one another.
  1. Matilda Johnson
  • The second romantic partner of the athlete, Matilda, bore two kids with him when they were still together. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, they went their ways three years after getting married in 1976.
  1. Phylicia Ayers-Allen
Image of Phylicia Ayers-Allen
Phylicia Ayers-Allen is an American actress, singer, and director. She is also one of Ahmad Rashad’s former partners.
  • She is the most notable wife of the star because she had the longest relationship with him, spanning almost two decades. Their breakup also caught many by storm, but it was a pleasant memory.
  1. Sale Johnson
Image of Ahmad Rashad with his former wife, Sale Johnson
Ahmad Rashad with his former wife, Sale Johnson
  • Before meeting the excellent Ana, the sportscaster married Sale Johnson. Their love lasted for at least six years before they called it quits.

Ana Luz Rodriguez’s Biography

We all know that the couple is not the most openly sharing lovebirds in the industry, so it’s no surprise that there is little to no information regarding Ana Luz Rodriguez. However, it is believed that she is a professional working in medicine as a psychologist.

Ahmad Rashad’s Kids

Image of Ahmad Rashad with his former partner, Phylicia Ayers-Allen, and their kids
Ahmad Rashad with his former partner, Phylicia Ayers-Allen, and their kids

It isn’t easy to track how many kids he has with all the relationships he had before. Affairs also added to the number of children he had with various women.

But, on record, the analyst is believed to have five kids. His daughter Keva was born out of his love for Deidre.

After which, it was followed up by Sean, who had with an unnamed woman during his relationship with Waters. He had Maiyisha and Ahmad Jr. when he was with Matilda Johnson.

Lastly, he had her daughter Condola with his former long-time wife, Phylicia.

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