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Is Affion Crockett Married to Wife? Or Dating Girlfriend?

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Image of Affion Crockett

Affion Crockett is a famous Black American known for his outstanding contributions to the showbiz industry through his exceptional skills in dancing, acting, rapping, writing, and even doing comic stints. He primarily tried out his luck in the showbiz industry by appearing in many auditions until he landed a role in a comedy-infused reality show entitled Def Comedy Jam in 1996.

Since then, a lot of viewers have turned their heads on the comedian, giving him more projects to work on, such as Curb Your Enthusiasm (2001), The Miley and Mandy Show (2008), and Legends of Chamberlain Heights (2017). Due to his charisma in front of the camera, he is often invited to guest in many talk shows and game shows.

Follow this Wikipedia-type biography to look at the total performer’s personal life as we tackle his dating life and answer if he has a wife or not.

Is Affion Crockett Married to Wife?

Image of Affion Crockett
Affion Crockett is an American actor, writer, dancer, rapper, comedian, and music producer.

The jock of all trade star is not married to anyone, and he does not have any record of marriages. It seems like our subject is the type of guy that is focused more on his career than getting in a relationship just for the heck of it.

The chances of seeing Affion Crockett’s wife soon are slim as the star enjoys his life at the moment while focusing on his career. Previously,t he was once involved with a non-showbiz personality, but there were no succeeding reports about it. The veteran performer casually avoids interview questions regarding his current dating status, so it is assumed that he is single at the moment.

Some of his fans can not help but raise speculations that he is homosexual, but those allegations are not confirmed.

Affion Crockett Short Biography.

The prime performer will turn 47 years old a few months from now as he was born on the 12th of August, 1974, in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Specific details about Crockett’s parents and other relatives, as well as Affion Crockett’s wife, are not publicly disclosed, but he revealed that he grew up in a household with people serving in the military.

His mother’s origins can be traced to Trinidad and Tobago. Prior to gaining his spot in the limelight, the actor tried to open up a business after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in business at Fayetteville State University.

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