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Adam Schiff is Married to Wife: Eve Schiff. Kids.

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Image of Adam Schiff an American Lawyer, Author, and Politician

Adam Schiff is a recognized government employee, politician, lawyer, and author. He is best known for being a part of the United States House of Representatives decades ago, starting in 2001.

He sits in office as one of the 435 House members in charge of voting for and picking outlaws and bills on the House’s floor. Because of his age and years being a United States representative, people would often consider him a veteran politician.

Despite the power and connection he now has in the U.S government, Mr. Schiff started as a humble district court employee before making his way to the administration’s top. The politician has quite the expert in governing and leading the government.

This is because he has not only been a part of the House but also led the Foreign Affairs Committee and Committee on Intelligence, just a few of his administrative positions.

Curious about the romantic life of U.S House Representative Adam Schiff? Who is Adam Schiff’s wife?

We’ll answer questions about his personal and romantic life in the article below.

Adam Schiff has been Married to his Wife, Eve Schiff, since 1995

Image of Adam Schiff with his wife Eve Schiff
Adam Schiff with his wife Eve Schiff

Looking at their names, Adam and Eve Schiff share quite the similarity with the first people in the world, according to The Bible. Interestingly enough, they also remained loyal and in love with each other throughout the years.

The couple met each other way back in 1990 and dated as boyfriend and girlfriend for five years before the politician asked Eve to be his wife. They have told the media that the moment they laid eyes on each other, everything in their lives just aligned, and they instantly clicked.

Of course, it would not be a relationship without its ups and downs. However, as their years of marriage would say, they have survived through all of those things.

Decades of love and affection became the testimony to how strong and willing the author and his wife wanted to make their married life work.

Adam Schiff’s Past Relationships and Ex-Wife

Even though the House Representative is pretty open about the minute details of his life, there is no information available regarding his presumed former lovers. But, judging by how long the lawyer and his wife were in a relationship, it seems plausible that Eve was his first and only romantic partner.

If this is not enough to convince them that they are destined for each other, we don’t know what will.

Eve Schiff’s Biography

Image of Eve Schiff wife of the American Politician and Lawyer
Eve Schiff, wife of the American Politician and Lawyer

Amid the open book type of connection the administrative employee has regarding his personal life, the opposite can be said about his wife. Although this may not be the case, we will not let you finish this article without any piece of information.

Adam Schiff’s wife, Eve, was believed to be a very athletic individual in her teenage years. When she met her future husband, Adam Schiff’s wife was an active professional tennis player who participated in various domestic tennis competitions.

In addition to that, it was confirmed that she came from a Jewish family and had practiced the Jewish faith when she was growing up. That’s why it’s pretty humorous to think that her name and her husband’s name would be an iconic pair in The Holy Book of the Christians.

Adam Schiff’s Kids

The couple’s love blossomed into a beautiful thing and resulted in the birth of their children, Alexa and Elijah. Their daughter Alexa, called by most through her nickname Lexi, was born in July 1998 and is turning 24 this year.

At the same time, their son Elijah was born in the same month as his older sister but four years later in 2002 and is turning 20 years old this year.

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