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Adam Pally Wife is Married to Wife: Daniella Liben. Kids

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Image of Adam Pally with his wife, Daniella Liben

Adam Saul Pally, commonly known as Adam Pally, is an actor, entertainer, producer, and writer from the United States. He is best recognized for his roles as Max Blum in Happy Endings on ABC and as “Dr. Peter Prentice” in the famous comedy film “The Mindy Project.”

Making History, a FOX comedy, also featured him. Dr. Steven Pally, an intern who runs his medical practice, and Caryn Pally, who handled the business in Florham Park, New Jersey, gave birth to Pally in New York City. Adam also serves as the show’s executive producer.

The actor was reared as a Jew. He has two sisters, Erica and Risa, and grew up in New York City, Chicago, and New Jersey.

Check this article about the actor Adam Pally’s Wife, Daniella Liben, their marriage, and their Kids? Then read to learn more.

Adam Pally’s Wife is Married to Wife: Daniella Liben since 2008

Image of Adam Pally with his wife, Daniella Liben
Adam Pally with his wife, Daniella Liben

As of 2008, Adam Pally has been wed to his long-term partner, Jennifer Pally. It was in college that he first met his wife, Daniella.

Adam and his future wife, Daniella, fell in love quickly, and just like any other man, Adam Pally’s Wife and himself chatted and talked till they understood that they were meant to be together. In 2007, the couple became engaged.

Pally marries his wife, Daniella Liben, in July of 2008. As a Hollywood couple, the Pallys’ nearly 13-year marriage stands out.

Only they can tell you their secret, but perhaps their past can shed light on it. Before their wedding, the couple first met and fell in love a long time before their wedding.

After being married for over a decade, Adam Pally’s Wife, Daniella, has three kids named Drake, Cole, and Georgia.

Daniella Liben’s Biography

Daniella Anne Liben, professionally known as Daniella Liben, is a Businesswoman and the Wife of the actor Adam Pally. Adam’s Wife was born in New York, USA, in 1981 and is currently 41 years old.

Daniella was raised by his parents named, Barry Liben (father) and Sindy Liben (Mother). Adam’s Wife got her Visual Arts Degree in New York College.

Adam Pally’s Kids

Image of Adam Pally with his son, Drake Pally
Adam Pally with his son, Drake Pally

I. Cole Pally

He is the eldest son of the actor Adam and his wife, Daniella. Cole was born in 2011 and is currently  11 years old.

II. Georgia Pally

She is the only daughter of the entertainer Adam and his wife, Daniella. Georgia was born in 2013 and is currently nine years old.

III. Drake Pally

He is the youngest son of Adam and his wife, Daniella. Drake was born in 2017 and is currently five years old.

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