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Adam Johnson is not married to wife: Dating girlfriend Stacey Flounders. Kids.

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Adam Johnson, the son of Dave and Sonia Johnson, was a beloved and well-known football player in his youth. He grew up in Sunderland and went to Easington Community College for his undergraduate studies.

The Sunderland football team had a high regard for Johnson up until he was found guilty of a sex offence in early 2015. “Sexual Activity with a Minor” was a charge against this athlete.

Unfortunately, the disgusting sportsman exhibited no remorse for his conduct and was subsequently secretly videotaped admitting his regrets about abusing the young woman. He has been sentenced to six years in jail and is currently housed at HM Prison Moorland.

Adam Johnson’s Marriage

After being put in contact with one another in 2011, Johnson and Flounders have been living together ever since. In 2013, the celebrity, who was making £60,000 per week at the time, moved his lovely girlfriend into a mansion that cost £1.5 million in the wealthy community of Castle Eden, adjacent to the home that he shared with his parents.

Unlike other WAGs, she was already living a lavish life before because of her previous career as an air stewardess. She was so devoted that she attended practically every home game, and she even followed him around while he signed autographs and posed for pictures with fans.

However, Stacey fled the courtroom in tears and was left by herself when Adam was found guilty of sexually abusing the teenager. The couple remained together until the year 2015.

The couple welcomed their daughter in 2015, after which they went their separate ways for a while. Together, they have one child.

There are rumors going around that the pair is back together in some capacity. In 2016, after their divorce from Johnson, the Flounders moved out of their mansion.

However, there are speculations that the couple has once again made up, and that Flounders has pledged her allegiance to Johnson. Additionally, Johnson has requested that Flounders permit their daughter Ayla to pay a visit to him in jail.

Stacey had no idea what her partner was up to, it seems. Flounders apparently ended her relationship with Johnson to date another football player, Greg Madine, while staying with him for the majority of the trial.

Her forgiveness and commitment to him until he is free, however, have been proven by recent occurrences. Having rekindled their romance two years after the footballer’s release, the couple is believed to be “happier now than ever.”

They had been through a lot, according to a friend, but they restored their relationship during lockdown ‘where they were spending a lot of time together looking after their daughter’.

Stacy Flounders’ Biography

Stacey Flounders was born in Hartlepool, England in 1989. She’s 34 years old now.

Flounders is British by birth. As far as I can tell, she’s white.

After retiring from the airline industry, Flounders became a stay-at-home mother. In light of recent events, she’s been compelled to leave retirement and take a job as an accountant at an IT firm.

She is also the owner of a firm that organizes weddings, baby showers, and other social gatherings. Her Twitter account was disabled after she was subjected to internet abuse.

Even though, her Facebook page is still up and running. In terms of her ancestry, Gary Flounders is her father.

Right now, her mother is still hiding out in the shadows.

Adam Johnson’s Kids

Through their union, Adam and Stacy have been blessed with two children: a daughter and a son. The couple gave birth to their daughter, Ayla, in January of 2015, just a few short weeks before he was said to have met the alleged minor with whom he had sexual relations.

According to one of our reliable sources, “When they were in lockdown and shared liability over Ayla, they turned out to be close once again.” Johnson, now 34 years old, received a prison sentence of six years and had already served three when he was released in 2019.

After Adam’s release in 2019, the couple were able to get back together and welcomed their second kid, a son they named Arley during their time in lockup. In August of the previous year, the photograph was taken of the couple at Hardwick County Park in Sedgefield, North Carolina, with their daughter Ayla Sofia, who was seven years old, and their one-month-old son.

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