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Adam Crabb’s First Wife: Kristi. Relationship History.

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Image of Adam and Kristi Crabb with their kids

Adam Crabb is known to many as one of the famous southern gospel music group The Crabb Family members. He has performed, created, and rendered Christian songs for many years.

Starting in 1996, the group has faced various problems and disbandment before. Being an artist has made you vulnerable to burnout and creative blockade for decades.

This came after the siblings announced that they wanted to go on their musical career paths in 2006. The general public has not seen them together singing for quite a few years.

But fortunately, The Crabb Family, including Adam, decided that it was time for a reunion, and they revived the music act. They are still active in creating and releasing Gospel songs for many Christians worldwide.

Curious about singer-songwriter Adam Crabb’s wife before? We will answer questions about his personal and romantic life in the article below.

Adam Crabb’s First Wife is named Kristi

Image of Adam Crabb with his wife, Kristi Crabb
Adam Crabb with his wife, Kristi Crabb

Being a Christian, the singer was also subjected to the vow that every couple undergoes on their special day. They should be with each other, for better or worse, in sickness and health.

However, this was not the case between the married life of the singer and his first wife, Kristi. They had their fair share of sweet moments and the trouble and rough times.

The artist met his former wife when he was pretty young in the music industry. Unlike today, he and his siblings gained quite the recognition but are hardly famed yet.

When they got married, everybody around them thought it was a relationship that would last a lifetime. Unfortunately, the fights, constant bickering, and overall incompatibility drove them to separate.

Amid the vocalist’s fame in his life, it is pretty interesting that there is limited information about his first wife. Even though that is the case, one thing is for sure: the former couple tried to make it work despite the quarrels, but it just was not enough.

Adam Crabb is Married to his Wife: Kaitlyn Crabb

After the tragic end of Adam and Kristi’s marriage, many people also thought that the musician was tired of romantic relationships. Fortunately, it was not the case.

In 2017, he married Kaitlyn and is currently going to celebrate their 5th anniversary of love this year. Although there is also limited information regarding the life of Adam Crabb’s wife, it is evident that she cares for her husband.

Several photos on the internet suggest that she is a very loving individual, and it proves that Adams’s decision to remarry is worth it.

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