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Adam Cole is not Married to Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Britt Baker

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Image of Adam Cole with his girlfriend, Britt Baker

Adam Cole is a name that many World Wrestling Entertainment fans will be familiar with. Contrary to popular belief, the wrestler’s name is not Adam Cole but Austin Kirk Jenkins.

The former is just his stage name and nickname. He started his wrestling career back in 2008 under Combat Zone Wrestling.

He slowly made his way to the top of the entertainment industry. Like many performers in the show business, he brawled with underground entertainers before being recognized by fans.

His break out to the scene came when he worked under Ring of Honor Wrestling Entertainment and All Elite Wrestling. People took notice of the raw skill and talent that Austin had, and the fame slowly crept up.

He joined WWE last 2017 and was considered a Rookie since he was still in NXT. But like many dreams and aspirations, hard work paid off, and he recently performed in front of over 156,000 wrestling fans.

Curious about the romantic life of WWE professional wrestler Adam Cole? Who is Adam Cole’s wife?

We’ll answer questions about Adam Cole’s wife, personal, and romantic life in the article below.

Adam Cole is not Married to a Wife. Dating a girlfriend: Britt Baker

Image of Adam Cole with his girlfriend, Britt Baker
Adam Cole with his girlfriend, Britt Baker

The Wrestling ring is the most unexpected place to find your special partner for life, but the opposite happened to our beloved fighter. He is currently in a romantic relationship with another known female combatant known as Britt Baker.

Could she be Adam Cole’s wife in the future? We’ll update this write-up when they share their plans!

They met each other through a dating app a few years ago and are already celebrating four years of love and affection. With the same talent and prowess, it is undeniable that the two have chemistry.

Interestingly enough, the performer’s girlfriend has not been in the industry for a long time. She was a former medical practitioner, most specifically in Dentistry.

Some doubts went into their minds before being boyfriend and girlfriend, but as we all know, they are now a lovely couple capable of taking down those that go in their path.

Adam Cole’s Previous Relationships

Even though the entertainer is pretty known for the show business, there has not been any report that he has dated anyone other than her current girlfriend, Brittney. It shows how passionate and loyal Austin is regarding the things that he keeps dear in his heart.

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