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Aaron Marino is Married to Wife: Tracey Woodward. Kids

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Image of Aaron Marino with his wife, Tracey Woodard

Aaron Marino is every man’s idol and coach when grooming and talking like a real alpha male and getting your desired ladies. He became known through his YouTube channel, alpha m., where he unveils his top secrets and tips for young men to be in their best shape.

From motivational talks to healthy lifestyle tricks, alpha m. got your back. His massive success on the platform brought him from being a nobody to having 6.5 million subscribers and thousands of daily views on his videos.

Of course, not everything is as easy and as delightful. Along with other YouTubers and healthy & lifestyle gurus like Alex Costa and TeachingMensFashion, he has faced constant backlash and criticism.

Some netizens pointed out that his tips are often ridiculous and blatantly funny. However, this did not stop the coach from pursuing his dreams and is still actively pumping out content for his followers and fans.

Are you curious about the personal life of lifestyle and motivational coach Aaron Marino? Who is Aaron Marino’s Wife?

Does he have any kids? We will answer these questions about his personal and romantic life in the article below.

Aaron Marino has been Married to his wife, Tracey Woodard, since 2007

Image of Aaron Marino with his wife, Tracey Woodard
Aaron Marino with his wife, Tracey Woodard

Aaron Marino’s Wife: Tracey walked down the aisle in 2007 and decided to pursue a life with him. The coach has remained married since then. A decade and a half of love and affection are maybe one of Aaron’s hidden tricks to staying fit and healthy.

Before their memorable day, the two met each other in 2002. During their younger years, they started to see each other and became boyfriends and girlfriends.

The internet personality has shared a lot of secrets with his online subscribers. Still, he has promised to keep his wife’s personal information away from the public’s prying eyes.

This might also be why we can only gather surface-level knowledge about their love story.

Aaron Marino’s Past Relationships and Ex-Wife

In his videos on the channel, Mr. alpha m. has admitted that he has gone through many hardships and challenges before achieving his desired life of success and recognition. But, amid all the trials he has faced before, he has never spoken about any past wives or lovers he saw before Tracey.

Judging by his physique and intellect, there is a possibility that he may have been involved in romantic relationships before. But all of it will remain speculations not until the man himself reveals and confirms the gossip about him.

Tracey Woodward’s Biography

As mentioned in this article and many sources, Aaron Marino’s wife and her personal information are kept away from the masses. He said he is doing it to protect his partner’s life since he knows what the internet can do.

He wants to keep his beloved away from all of the harm social media might cause her if left unchecked.

Aaron Marino’s Kids

Looking at their marriage and the years they spent together, it should be evident that they should have kids. However, this is not the case.

In a video released in the alpha m. channel, the lifestyle guru, stated that he and his wife mutually decided to abstain from having kids. They reaffirmed this by saying that they’ve been through a lot just for them to achieve their dreams, and having kids is not in the picture.

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