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Is Aaron Hall Married to Wife? Or Dating Girlfriend?

Image of Aaron Hall

R&B struck the American airwaves in the 80’s due to its new style and handsome young artists, one of them being Aaron Hall. He is one-third of the music group that fused different genres with rhythm and blues called Guy.

After his time with the group, he launched his solo music career. Throughout his career, Hall made songs with music legends such as Tupac Shakur.

With the busy career of the singer, does he have a partner? Keep reading this article to know more about Aaron Hall’s wife.

Is Aaron Hall Married to Wife? Or Dating Girlfriend?

Image of Aaron Hall
Aaron Hall is an American singer and songwriter.

We are serenaded by his angelic voice every time he gets up the stage. But do we know who Aaron Hall’s wife is?

Despite being one of the studs in the R&B music industry, Aaron Hall is currently single. But he said that his work does not interfere with his relationship.

He wants his love to come and not force things like what happened in the past. Although he is single, the star singer has experience in romantic ties because of his previous relationships.

Aaron Hall’s Past Relationships

The great singer has written and performed songs about love. But his own love life is not free from heartaches.

Although it may seem that Mr. Hall is good at handling women, the singer has only been in one relationship. According to credible sources, he was previously in a relationship with Gloria Velez.

Fans were filled with joy when the news was revealed that the two were dating. Velez was presumed to be Aaron Hall’s wife.

But fate seems to be not on their side as they broke up in 1998. The reason for their split was said to be the singer’s doing.

Gloria also revealed that the singer was abusing her during their time together. She also stated that Hall was cheating and was sleeping with other women.

Because of his infidelity, the lovely woman decided to break their ties and leave Aaron.

Gloria Velez’s Biography

Image of Gloria Velez
Gloria Velez is a public figure. She is known as the former partner of Aaron Hall.

It comes with no surprise that the singer has been an eyecatcher to women, especially to models, during his heyday. One of the models that the R&B songwriter managed to catch was Gloria Velez.

Her birth happened on the 18th of December of the year 1978. Her beautiful appearance enabled her to have a successful career in modeling.

Ms. Velez was expected to be Aaron Hall’s wife. But the two were not compatible and decided to end their relationship.

Aaron Hall’s Kids

The love between the ex-couple resulted in a child. Aaron and Gloria were blessed to have a handsome baby boy.

He was named Aaron Hall IV, after his famous dad. Due to their differences, their son lives with his mother now

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