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Aaron Dessner is Married to Wife: Stine Wengler

Image of Aaron Dessner with his wife, Stine Wengler

Aaron Brooking Dessner is a famous multitalented artist from the United States of America. Aside from being an artist of his own, he is also a record label owner, which was established based on his previous experiences in the industry.

His career as a solo artist was successful; however, he rose to prominence as a member of the band called The National. Their band has produced a total of eight albums recorded from the studio.

One of the most notable works of the songwriter is his partnership with Taylor Swift. He is one of the minds behind Folklore and Evermore, which has gained multimillion traction from people around the world.

His talent in music has been admired since it was known; that is why other aspects of his life, such as Aaron Dessner’s wife is one unwrapped online.

Learn more about the wife, marriage, and kids of Aaron Dessner as we reveal further information about him.

Aaron Dessner has been Married to his Wife, Stine Wengler, since 2015

Image of Aaron Dessner with his wife, Stine Wengler
Aaron Dessner with his wife, Stine Wengler

Being one of the curators of Taylor Swift’s songs is obviously for the broken-hearted. People wonder if there is a particular Aaron Dessner’s wife, which is a little contradicting to the lyrics the artist has written.

Luckily, information about Aaron Dessner’s wife is readily available on the internet. She is commonly known as Stine Wengler from Copenhagen.

Contrary to the belief that the love life of the music composer is bitter, they live happily as a family of four. The couple has been together for four years before deciding that they are each other’s soulmates.

They tied the knot sometime in 2015, celebrating their 7th anniversary in 2022. According to sources, the couple had their first encounter sometime in 2007.

There is nothing special about the moment they first laid eyes on each other. There were claims that they started dating from the moment they first met.

However, the couple is choosing to stay away from the spotlight to avoid controversies and rumours, so there is not much information about their relationship.

Aaron Dessner’s Past Relationships

Behind the success and the fame that he had received throughout all the years that he had been working in the music industry, there is still a lot of things that fans need to uncover and know about his life. Although there have been several gossips about him being paired with other prominent individuals in Hollywood, it is still unknown whether or not he had romantic relationships before he and Stine became a thing.

Stine Wengler’s Biography

Stine Wengler rose to fame when she became Aaron Dessner’s wife. According to reports, she is from Copenhagen.

Additionally, she has been working as a registered nurse. She practices her profession at Weill-Cornell Medical Center and New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

Aaron Dessner’s wife has been secretive about her details. Nevertheless, she is frequently posted by Aaron to show his appreciation towards his wife.

In a post, the composer mentioned that his wife is thankful for Taylor Swift’s gift, a cardigan. It must be one of the songs the composer wrote for Swift in her Folklore album.

Aaron Dessner’s Kids

Image of Stine Wengler with her kids
Stine Wengler with her kids

Aaron Dessner’s wife gave birth to two beautiful children under their marriage register. Their first child is named Ingrid Stella, who was birthed into this world sometime in 2011.

Their second child is a boy named Robin Lo Brooking Dessner, who was delivered into this world on the 20th day of March in 2015. According to the singer, their son’s name was inspired by his uncle, a nature lover.

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