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Zeeko Zaki is not Married to Wife. Dating a Girlfriend: Renee Monaco

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Image of Zeeko Zaki with his girlfriend, Renee Monaco

Zeeko Zaki is an actor you may have as a supporting role in many of your favorite films and TV shows. With a handful of years of Hollywood experience, the star is looking for a bright future for his career.

He started his acting job way back in 2012 after being cast for a role in the thriller show entitled Homeland. After which, he also appeared on another sci-fi TV show known as Revolution, and then another supporting character in the 2012 directorial debut of Josh Boone entitled Stuck in Love.

He pursued various acting gigs from then on, including the long-running police and military drama series NCIS and FBI. His most remarkable breakthrough on the big screen came after being given the role in Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip and in the 3rd part movie Allegiant from the Divergent series.

He is still pretty active in Hollywood, especially in the FBI, since he was one of the leading roles in the show. He may not still be among the likes of the highest-paid actors in the entertainment industry, but he sure looks to be promising to say the least.

Is Zeeko Zaki seeing anyone lately? Who is Zeeko Zaki’s wife? We’ll answer his personal and romantic life questions in the article below.

Zeeko Zaki is not Married to Wife. Dating girlfriend: Renee Monaco

Image of Zeeko Zaki with his girlfriend, Renee Monaco
Zeeko Zaki with his girlfriend, Renee Monaco

The 32-year-old actor does not seem to be the most open person when acting. There is limited online information about the star’s personal life, including his heritage and romantic life.

However, there is still hope of taking a quick peek inside the peaceful life of this up and rising star. As of the latest, Zeeko Zaki’s future wife is no other than the gorgeous woman who is named Renee Monaco.

Sources state that Zeeko Zaki’s soon-to-be wife met him after his heart got broken from a previous relationship that lasted for quite some time. Fortunately, the fantastic Renee was there to mend his broken heart and catch him when he was most vulnerable.

And after a year of dating and courting each other, it is rumored that the two are not finally engaged and are currently proclaiming as fiancés. It is still relatively unknown whether the tying of the knot will happen, but it sure is to be a beautiful event that their closest friend and family relatives will see.

With several photos and videos of the two floating on the internet, it is definite that this might be a long-lasting relationship. Their sweet and homely vibe relates to many people, and like the celebrity’s fans, we are just awaiting that fateful day that they will announce that they are now Mr. and Mrs. Zaki.

Renee Monaco’s Biography

Zeeko Zaki’s  wife is quite popular on the internet, with thousands of people following her social media accounts on various platforms. She is known to be currently taking her Master’s Degree in Business Administration and is looking to graduate soon.

It is believed that Zeeko Zaki’s wife is taking her MBA because she runs her own coffee business known as Lucky Beans. She might be looking to expand her venture further and make it her full-time job if given the opportunity.

A dreamer with a bright future ahead of her is the perfect description of the actor’s partner’s life.

Zeeko Zaki’s Past Relationships

Image of Zeeko Zaki with his ex-girlfriend, Sam Schneiter
Zeeko Zaki with his ex-girlfriend, Sam Schneiter

It is confirmed that Mr. Zaki was in a previous relationship with a woman named Sam Schneiter. She is a professional photographer and a content influencer with over 250 thousand US dollars in net worth.

The couple allegedly met at an undisclosed event and placed in 2020 and had a relationship of over a year. Sadly the two decided to take their paths in 2021 and broke up without announcing anything to the masses.

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