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Is Zach Roerig Married to Wife? Or Dating Girlfriend? Kids  

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Image of Zach Roerig with his daughter, Fiano Roerig

Zachary George Roerig, professionally known as Zach Roerig, is an actor from America. He was featured in several movies and series such as One Life to Live, As the World Turns, and The Vampire Diaries.

The artist was born on the 22nd of February 1985 in Montpelier, Ohio. His parents identified as Daniel and Andrea Roerig.

His parents were supportive of his dream to be an actor. He was enrolled in Barbizon Modeling and Acting School located in Cleveland.

He was a wrestler and a football player alongside it during his high school years. He finished his secondary studies at Montpelier High School.

Their family has a business of making gravestones, ergo helping his family in their venture. The actor proceeded to New York after finishing secondary school to pursue his love for acting.

Are you curious about Zach Roerig’s wife? Continue reading as we reveal further information about him, including his dating history and kids. 

Zach Roerig’s Dating Status          

Image of Zach Roerig with his former partner, Alanna
Zach Roerig with his former partner, Alanna

Being a man of good looks and talent, the artist’s love life is frequently searched on the net. Moreover, as of 2022, the actor is reportedly single.

The former football player had his fair share of relationships. However, he chooses to be private about his dating life.

Nevertheless, the media always gets in his way of being a famous actor. He might not say anything, but the media never fails to reveal things to him.

Zach Roerig’s Dating History           

Roerig puts his good looks and talents into use. He has dated several women from and outside the industry he is in.

His most prominent relationship was with Alanna Turner, with whom he had a daughter. It was known that Alanna was Zach Roerig’s wife, but there was no confirmation that any marriage had occurred.

The next girl on his list was Candice Accola, his co-actor in Vampire Diaries. Being together for an ample amount of time made them used to each other’s presence.

However, after the taping of the series, they broke up. The press released that the date of the breakup was May 2012.

His last girl after Candice was Kayla Noelle Ewell, who was also his co-actor. Nevertheless, details about the couple’s relationship were never publicized, including their breakup.

Fans of the actor are waiting for Zach Roerig’s wife to be officially announced. Nonetheless, they are happy for the actor and his daughter.

Zach Roerig’s Kids          

Image of Zach Roerig and Alanna with their daughter, Fiano Roerig
Zach Roerig and Alanna with their daughter, Fiano Roerig

Zach and Alanna birthed a baby girl named Fiano Roerig. She was born in January 2011.

Due to Alanna’s criminal charges, the actor filed for his daughter’s custody. He won the case and has taken care of his daughter since then.

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