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Yung Bleu is not Married to Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Tiemeria.

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Image of Yung Bleu and Tiemeria with their kids

Jeremy Biddle, better known by his stage name Yung Bleu, is a renowned rapper and vocalist from the United States. One of his best-known songs is the remixed version of “You’re Mines Still” by Drake, which reached No. 18 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Having begun recording music in 2013, Yung signed with Columbia Records via Boosie Badazz’s brand Bad Azz Music Syndicate and released a series of mixtapes that helped spread his fame throughout the Southern scene. With “Ice on My Baby” and “Miss It” off the mixtape Ventures 4, The renowned rapper re-emerged in 2017 with a slew of new tracks and collaborations.

Do you want to know if the renowned rapper Yung Bleu is married to wife? Or have a girlfriend? In 2018, he made remixes for Kid Ink’s “Miss It” and Kevin Gates’ “Ice on My Baby.” Then read on to learn more.

Who is Yung Bleu’s wife? Keep reading here!

Yung Bleu is not married to wife. Dating Girlfriend: Tiemeria

Image of Yung Bleu with his partner, Tiemeria
Yung Bleu with his partner, Tiemeria

Tiemeria became famous as Yung’s girlfriend. Since 2015, the couple has been together. Bleu also wrote a sixth-anniversary message for his girlfriend Tiemeria in August 2021, in which he expressed his love for her.

According to Yung, who is said to be the father of three kids, all he ever desired was true love, and God brought his girlfriend Tiemeria.  There are no precise records that show how they met or when they agreed to be a pair when they decided to be a couple.

On the other hand, Yung Bleu and his girlfriend Tiemeria have gotten closer in their relationship. The gorgeous couple has been bonded by love since their first meeting.

There’s no mention of the couple’s breakup until now. The relationship between Yung Bleu and his lover Tiemeria shows no signs of deterioration as the years’ pass.

Tiemeria’s Biography

Yung Bleu’s wife, Tiemeria, owns The Dark Moon Cosmetics. She is well known for being Yung Bleu’s wife in the future.

Tiemeria’s parents, educational history, and professional career are still unknown. We will, nevertheless, keep you informed of any new information about Yung Bleu’s wife.

Yung Bleu’s Kids

Image of Yung Bleu and Tiemeria with their kids
Yung Bleu and Tiemeria with their kids

The renowned Rapper Yung and his wife currently have two sons whose names are unknown to the public. They’re expecting their third child together.

Yung posted an ultrasound image of his unborn baby on an Instagram post. Yung’s girlfriend also revealed she was expecting a child in February 2022.

Tiemeria uploaded pictures of her growing baby bulge and expressed her joy at becoming a boy mom.

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