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YG is not Married to Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Catelyn Sparks. Kids

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Image of YG and Catelyn Sparks with their kids, Harmony and Vibe Jackson

Keenon Dequan Ray Jackson, famously known as YG or Young Gangsta, is a rapper who hailed from Compton, California. His first single was launched in 2010, entitled “Toot It and Boot It.

He was born on the 9th of March 1990. At the age of 16, YG affiliated with the gang named Bloods.

Whenever the rapper releases a new song, it would surely hit the Billboard’s Hot 100. Some of these songs are namely Who Do You Love? My Krazy Life, and “Don’t Tell ‘Em.”

YG attempted to establish a record label with Ty Dolla $ign and DJ Mustard. However, they did not push through with their plan after planning thoroughly.

Not long after, YG founded his record label entitled 4Hunnid. Although it began as a rumor, the rapper confirmed it by featuring it on his fashion line.

Are you curious about YG’s wife? Continue reading as we reveal further information, including the dating history and kids of YG.

YG’s Dating Status           

Image of YG with his partner, Catelyn Sparks
YG with his partner, Catelyn Sparks

The dating status of the rapper is frequently talked about in the social media world. As of 2022, YG is reportedly back together with Catelyn Sparks.

Details about their first encounter are not declared to the public, but they have been dating for a long time already.

They have been on and off their relationship due to fidelity issues. Because of their children, they are constantly going back to each other’s arms.

The couple’s supporters are waiting for the day when Catelyn will be announced as YG’s wife. They said that they respect whatever decision the couple makes. 

YG’s Dating History             

Image of YG with his former girlfriend, Kehlani
YG with his former girlfriend, Kehlani

The rapper is living in a world where temptation is prominent. There were a lot of women linked to the artist, but Kehlani topped the list.

According to sources, Kehlani and YG started to date within the relationship between the rapper and Sparks. However, the management of Kehlani quickly debunked and said that no connection was ruined by their talent.

Months after, Kehlani announced that she and YG had broken up. She said that it was because the rapper cheated on her. 

YG’s Kids         

Image of Catelyn Sparks with her kids, Harmony and Vibe Jackson
Catelyn Sparks with her kids, Harmony and Vibe Jackson

Even with a whirlwind relationship, YG and Sparks had their time to create a beautiful family. They currently have two wonderful daughters who make them a family of four.

On the 24th of May 2015, they welcomed their first daughter into the world. The couple decided to name its harmony.

Four years after, they birthed Vibe Jackson, their second daughter. The exact date of birth was the 8th of July 2019.

It was not concealed that the couple had a turbulent relationship. According to the supporters, they are just waiting for the announcement that Catelyn is already YG’s wife.

Even though the rapper was involved with women, he did not neglect his responsibilities as a father. He was the one who financially supported their family.

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