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Is Yang Yang Married to Wife? Or Dating Girlfriend?

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Image of Yang Yang

Yang Yang is a total performer from China who can be considered a jack of all trades as he is a model, singer, dancer, and actor. He first appeared on Asian small screens in 2010 when he appeared in the TV series, The Dream of Red Mansions.

Since then, he has gained a lot of attention and fans, which led him to land on many other shows such as The War Doesn’t Believe In Tears (2012), Flowers of Pinellia Ternata (2013), and his most recent project, You Are My Glory in 2021. His career is deemed successful as it is backed by numerous awards and recognitions from China Power Awards and Sohu Fashion Awards.

This multi-talented celebrity captured many hearts through his cute smile and friendly attitude, but is he in a relationship? Find out in this Wikipedia-type biography about Yang Yang’s wife.

Is Yang Yang Married to Wife? Dating Rumors

Image of Yang Yang
Yang Yang is a Chinese actor. He is known for his debut Chinese television drama called The Dream of Red Mansions.

At present, the prime actor is not married or engaged to anyone. He is under a contract with his entertainment agency which prohibits him from entering into a relationship during his active years.

Knowing this does not bother the Chinese idol since he focuses more on his career and improving his craft. Because of his involvement with different actresses in his previous projects, it is expected that fans have formed speculations about him and his leading ladies.

Since the beginning of his showbiz run, he has been linked to another actress named Li Qin, whom the actor met in 2010. The speculations are backed by different photos of them together during essential celebrations.

Could she be Yang Yang’s wife in the future? Some fans and media outlets speculated that he is in a relationship with another star named Zhang Tianai, as they were commonly seen being together in public places.

The abovementioned theories and allegations are not confirmed by the actor himself and his management.

Yang Yang’s Short Biography 

The prominent celebrity was born on the 9th of September, 1991, in Shanghai, China. Since he was a child, he has experienced a comfortable lifestyle because of his wealthy parents, Zhang Jiling and Yang Jian, both business owners.

When he was just ten years old, his parents enrolled him in People’s Liberation Army Arts College, particularly in the Dancing and Performing Department. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in acting when he finished his studies at the Central Academy of Drama.

He has made many appearances on the prestigious Forbes China Celebrity 100 list, where he ranked 5th, 27th, and 44th, in three different years. Due to his high-paying work and career, he has an estimated net worth of over $2 Million.

In terms of social media popularity, his Instagram account has a record of 1.3 Million Subscribers.

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