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Wizkid is not Married to Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Tiwa Savage. Kids.

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Image of Wizkid with his girlfriend, Tiwa Savage

Wizkid made rounds as the pride of the West African country Nigeria. He is a talented singer-songwriter with roots that expand to very influential figures in music.

His career started even before he hit puberty. If that does not speak of opportunity and skill in an individual, we don’t know what will.

At 11 years old, he released a collaborative album with his former church friends, and the rest was history. Wiz signed a record with a major label under the company of another renowned rapper known by many as Banky W.

He started hitting the spotlight and afterward released many singles, including his hit song “Jaiye Jaiye.” It was 2009 when he first made a contract with a record label, and not even a decade later, he was already in the Billboard’s Top 100.

It was 2016 when Drake released his single “One Dance,” who would have known that Wizkid would be a part of that famous song.

Are you curious about the personal life of Nigerian singer-rapper Wizkid? Does the artist have a wife? Is he with a partner? We will answer these questions about his personal and romantic life in the article below.

Wizkid is not Married to a Wife. Dating girlfriend: Tiwa Savage

Image of Wizkid with his girlfriend, Tiwa Savage
Wizkid with his girlfriend, Tiwa Savage

After a long list of lovers, Wizkid looks like he may have found the one. His current partner is Tiwa Savage.

A fellow singer-songwriter, an actor, a model, and a social media personality. She became known through her songs No Wahala and Somebody’s Son.

The two met each other just after Tiwa divorced her then-husband TeeBillz, a famous figure, and mogul in Nigeria. It is undeniable that the rapper and his girlfriend’s age have quite the gap.

It is known that they share a 10-year age gap since Tiwa just turned 42 last February while Wiz is turning 32 this 16th of July. Despite this, it is apparent that they love each other.

You know what people say, age does not matter, and in the case of these two lovebirds, it is only just a number.

Tiwa Savage’s Biography

Like her current partner, she also originates from Nigeria, specifically on Lagos Island. Before starting her career, she had quite an opportunity since her family migrated to London when she was about to reach her teens.

Her talent brought her to be backup vocals with acclaimed singers like Mary Jane Blige and George Michael. She finished with a degree in Music after graduating from the known institution Berklee College of Music.

Tiwa’s achievements are pretty recognizable. Her albums were often nominated as Best Albums of the Year and Best R&B/Pop Album.

She was also nominated for a BET and later won the Best African Act last 2018 at the MTV Europe Music Awards. It was quite a feat since she was the first woman to win that award.

Wizkid’s Past Relationships

  • Sophie Rammal
Image of Wizkid with his first girlfriend, Sophie Rammal
Wizkid with his first girlfriend, Sophie Rammal

It was believed that she was the artist’s first partner when he hit 17 years old. Her presence was even more recognized when she appeared in Wiz’s first single entitled “Holla At Your Boy.”

  • Sola Ogudu

One of the rapper’s previous partners. Their love even resulted in the birth of a son that was even denied at first by the artist.

However, after a few DNA tests, it was proven that it was indeed the star’s kid.

  • Victoria Kimani
Image of Victoria Kimani
Victoria Kimani is a Kenyan singer, songwriter, actress and entertainer. She is the former girlfriend of the singer-songwriter, Wizkid

There are a lot of rumors surrounding her ex-girlfriend Victoria since either of the two of them never revealed it. Only photos and videos solidified the alleged dating of the two.

With information from other people, they are often seen together holding hands, locking eyes, and kissing.

  • Huddah Monroe
Image of Huddah Monroe
Huddah Monroe is Kenyan model and entrepreneur. She owns a successful makeup line called Huddah Cosmetics.

Hudda and the songwriter’s relationship was filled with rumors like her other lover. But thanks to a statement from the man himself, it was confirmed that he indeed spent some quality with her after a music event.

Because of this, a lot of gossips was put to rest.

  • Tania Omotayo
Image of Tania Omotayo
Tania Omotayo is a model, actor, event host, and entrepreneur.

Tania’s relationship with the celebrity came to the public after the singer revealed on a radio show that there was a time that he was seeing the girl. However, it did not last long.

Fortunately for the two, they are both happy with the outcomes of their previous connection.

  • Binta Diamond Diallo
Image of Binta Diamond Diallo
Binta Diamond Diallo is a social media personality. She is Wizkid’s second partner to have a child

When the former couple was in a relationship, they kept many things lowkey. They did not share a lot of information regarding their dating life when they saw each other.

It was short-lived since Wiz allegedly cheated with Tania and had an affair with her during their time.

  • Tonto Dikeh
Image of Tonto Dikeh
Tonto Dikeh is a Nigerian actress, singer, songwriter and humanitarian.

Tonto has been in love with the young artist ever since she met her. She constantly gifted him with many material things to show her appreciation.

Wizkid Rumors

There are a lot of rumors that surround the personality’s life. Many constantly saw and watched his lifestyle, from a string of lovers to having various affairs while in a relationship and having different kids from different women.

One of these many controversies goes into the idea that his first kid with his lover Tania Omotayo was not born out of their love. It was confirmed that when Binta had a kid, it was Tania’s and not hers.

People are quick to point out that Binta is at fault, but netizens justified that it was Wizkid’s mistake for being a cheater. Fortunately, all are settled now, and everyone is involved in living a peaceful life today.

Wizkid’s Kids

Image of Wizkid's former partners, and his kid with them, Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, Jr., Zion Ayo-Balogun, and Boluwatife Balogun.
Wizkid’s former partners, and his kid with them, Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, Jr., Zion Ayo-Balogun, and Boluwatife Balogun.

We all know that the artist was quite the playboy when he was in his teens. He had many kids from many different mothers, so tracking them is tricky.

Even though this was the case, it is believed that some of his kids have their names available on the internet. His kid with Tania is named Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, Jr., While two of his kids are named Zion Ayo-Balogun and Boluwatife Balogun.

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