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William Fichtner is Married to Wife: Kymberly Kalil. Kids: Vangel Fichtner, Sam Fichtner

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Image of William Fichtner with is wife, Kymberly Kalil

William Fichtner is what most people would consider a veteran actor. At the fantastic age of 65 years old, the star has seen and experienced the transition and evolution of Hollywood.

With his decades of information and knowledge of the showbiz industry’s intricacies, you would know that it will be worthwhile when he appears on the big screen. With many movies and shows under his belt, this guy is a must-see actor.

He almost always appears in action-packed films such as Armageddon, Heat, and Black Hawk Down. He has maintained his fantastic physique and stature even at a reasonably mature age.

He is still a prominent figure in acting and will continue to do so until retirement.  Are you curious about the personal life of veteran actor William Fichtner? Is the star married again? Does he have any kids?

We will answer these questions about his personal and romantic life in the article below.

William Fichtner has been Married to his wife, Kymberly Kalil, since 1998

Image of William Fichtner with is wife, Kymberly Kalil
William Fichtner with is wife, Kymberly Kalil

Going back into the very wonderful life of William, we can say that he is quite the lover boy. He was married twice to two very gorgeous women.

His reputation does precede our beloved actor. One of those two women fell in love with William and has spent a considerable chunk of their lives calling each other husband and wife.

Kymberly, Kalil tied the knot with Fichtner just two years after getting divorced from his first wife. However, it was not an issue since they called it quits and have not kept a steady connection with each other after the divorce.

With two decades of marriage experience, there is no sign that the love has dwindled. They are still seen at grand events and gatherings in Hollywood, holding arms and showing their support for one another.

William Fichtner Past Relationships

In his life, there are two ladies, aside from his mother, that he loves the most, one of which is his ex-wife, Betsy Aidem. She is a renowned actress that has appeared on the big screen and in front of a live audience.

Her work often revolves around stage plays and theatre, serving as a play director and actress at the same time. People did not think that the former couple would separate, but sadly, the unthinkable happened.

After almost a decade of love and affection, the two filed for a divorce. They are currently living their own separate lives, both of which remain in the field of acting.

Kymberly Kalil’s Biography

Image of Kymberly Kalil
Kymberly Kalil is an actress. She is best known for her appearance in Jerry Maguire (1996), Misery Loves Company (1995), and Cold Brook (2018)

Kymberly is also a gorgeous woman, not an outstanding actress like his first wife. She is currently 57 years old, but her looks and body disagree with the statement that she is pretty mature.

She has maintained a smoking hot figure and appearance throughout the years. She spent most of her career acting in different movies and shows such as Misery Loves Company, Jerry Maguire, Cold Brook, and Seinfeld.

Although she has experience when it comes to acting, she has lay lowed a bit and shied away from the public’s eyes. It’s only a matter of time whether or not she will go back to her first love of occupation.

William Fichtner’s Kids

The celebrity’s love for his spouses resulted in the birth of his two sons named, Vangel and Sam Fichtner. While their features on the red carpet, together with their parents, would say they are also quite famous, little information is known about them.

The actor’s sons have yet to disclose personal information regarding their lives, but they certainly have millions of net worth.

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