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Weird Al is Married to Wife: Suzanne Yankovic. Kids.

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Image of Weird Al and Suzanne Yankovic with their daughter, Nina Yankovic

Sometimes regarded as Weird Al, Alfred Matthew Yankovic is a renowned American musician, singer, record producer, songwriter, and actor. He is mainly known for his particular genres, including comedy, parody, and satirical music.

In 2006, he released his single, “White & Nerdy” and “Straight Outta Lynwood,” his album that was a first top ten Billboard. The musician’s work has resulted in four gold and six platinum songs and five Grammy awards, including Best Comedy Recording in 1985, Best Concept Music Video in 1989, and Best Comedy Album in 2004.

Continue reading to discover more about American musician and actor Weird Al’s wife, Suzanne Yankovic, their lives, marriage, and kids. Also, find out about his previous relationships.

Weird Al and Suzanne Yankovic’s Marriage

Image of Weird Al with his wife Suzanne Yankovic
Weird Al with his wife, Suzanne Yankovic

The American musician-actor has been married to his wife, Suzanne Yankovic, since 2001. They have been married twenty-one years already.

Through fellow American actor and musician Bill Mumy, their mutual friend, Weird Al’s wife met him when Bill introduced them in early 2001. Before seeing him personally, she had had multiple phone dates with him.

In a RollingStones interview in 2014, he revealed that he had had a major crush on her despite not seeing each other face to face. She had doubted the situation at first but had fortunately rethought it, which later turned out to be an excellent decision as they had quickly clicked with each other.

After a short period of dating, they were married immediately on the 10th day of February 2001. He considered their marriage to be a little late in their lives, and maybe that is why they were married so fast.

They have never been in a relationship issue or been the subject of divorce rumors. Since February of 2012, the family of three has resided in Los Angeles, California, in a mansion they had bought that belonged to notable celebrities such as rapper Heavy D and writer Jack S. Margolis.

Suzanne Yankovic’s Biography

Weird Al’s wife was born Suzanne Krajewski, on the 23rd day of October 1959 in Lynwood, California. She is sixty-two years old at present.

Surprisingly enough, most of her personal information, parents, siblings, and educational background, have not been disclosed ever since despite her rise to popularity as Weird Al’s wife. Nevertheless, she is the marketing executive of the American film production studio Twentieth Century Studios, Inc. (previously Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation).

Apart from her occupation, she has been juggling her time to being a supportive wife and lovable mother to her family. Suzanne has also been a massive supporter of her husband and their daughter.

Suzanne Yankovic presently does not have a Wikipedia profile about herself. Once a profile of Weird Al’s wife is made available, we will surely update this article for improvement.

Weird Al’s Previous Relationships

Before meeting his now-wife Suzanne, he had a previous romantic affair with a girlfriend in the early 1990s. She has been unidentified ever since she was part of why he became a vegetarian.

In 1992, he was given a 1987 John Robbins book, Diet For a New America, copy by his then-girlfriend. Unfortunately, their relationship has not been detailed further, so details have been undivulged, including when they met and broke up.

Weird Al’s Kids

Image of Weird Al and Suzanne Yankovic with their daughter, Nina Yankovic
Weird Al and Suzanne Yankovic with their daughter, Nina Yankovic

The American musician is the father of one child. Weird Al and his wife had a daughter during their marriage.

Nina Yankovic, their daughter, was born on the 11th day of February 2003. They chose to have kids after almost two years of marriage.

In an article published on the 25th day of July 2014, after the RollingStones interviewed him in his home, he describes their child as an ideal kid and that she has taken a liking for animals and nature and likes to play outside. At the present time, their only child is already nineteen years old.

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