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Vegan Gains is Married to Wife: Jasmine Gains. Kids.

Image of Vegan Gains wit his wife, Jasmine Gains

Richard Burgess, commonly known as Vegan Gains, is a popular YouTuber of Somali and Canadian descent under the channel Vegan Gains. On his channel and other channels, he engages in disputes with other YouTubers and showcases his workout routines and vegan diet.

Sometimes there will be comments from other vegans, such as the marketing of veganism, and there will be live streams on themes that are linked to the channel, such as question and answer sessions along with disputes. Some of the things that would be brought up include the testing of people with dog meat as well as the slaughter of animals, which is a favorite topic of discussion among vegans.

The channel features a tutorial that provides useful information for anybody interested in adopting a vegan way of life. Learn more about Somali-Canadian YouTuber Vegan Gains’ wife, Jasmine Gains, and their married life.

Furthermore, see if the internet celebrity has kids!

Vegan Gains and Jasmine Gains’ Marriage

Image of Vegan Gains wit his wife, Jasmine Gains
Vegan Gains with his wife, Jasmine Gains

He is happily married to Jasmine Gains. They started chatting on Facebook in 2015, which is how they initially met.

A year later, in November 2016, they got married in Belgium, which is Jasmine’s native country. Due to the fact that neither partner discusses the specifics of their marital life, there is sadly no other information regarding the married life of the pair.

Even if there is not much information available regarding his married life, he was involved in a number of controversies that received a lot of attention on the internet. Despite this, Vegan Gains’ wife stood by his side, and there have not been divorce rumors between them ever since.

Jasmine Gains’ Biography

She is the wife of the well-recognized YouTuber Vegan Gains and also works as a manager. Sadly, there is no information regarding her birth date, age, parents, or studies that can be found on the internet.

In addition, it is speculated that she is the type of person that prefers to keep a low profile and does not wish for others to be aware of the details of her private life.

This post will be updated if new information regarding Vegan Gains’ wife becomes available to us.

Does Vegan Gaines and Jasmine have kids?

Unfortunately, they do not have any kids. However, he emphasized how much he detested children in his YouTube video titled “Happily Married Without Children,” in which he addressed his childfree position with his wife, Jasmin.

The video is already deleted, but it is posted and reacted to by somebody. You can watch the video here. He also recalled an occasion in which he was in a restaurant with a wailing infant, and he yelled at the parents of the baby and attempted to fistfight the father due to the baby annoying everyone in the restaurant.

He did this since the baby was making everyone uncomfortable. When critics like Isaac Butterfield and Sixteenleo called him out, he also threatened to fight with them.

He was also labeled a hypocrite owing to the fact that he said one of the reasons he did not have children was because he did not want to add to the environmental carbon footprint, but at the same time, he owned many motorbikes and bought his dog from a breeder.

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