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Tyron Smith is not Married to Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Leigh Costa.

Image of Tyron Smith with his son, Jaxon Smith

Tyron Jerrar Smith, commonly known as Tryon Smith, is a renowned football player from the USA. As of right now, you can catch him in the NFL playing offensive tackle for the Dallas Cowboys.

During the 2011 NFL Draft, the Cowboys selected Tyron with the ninth overall pick. Tryon went to Rancho Verde High School, which was located in California.

While there, he participated in both the offensive and defensive lines of the school’s football team. While playing college football at USC, he was awarded the Morris Trophy in 2010, given to the player deemed the finest offensive and defensive lineman on the West Coast.

Do you want to know the woman who might become Tyron Smith’s wife? His ex-girlfriend and kids? Then continue reading to find out.  

Tyron Smith is not Married to his Wife. Dating Girlfriend Leigh Costa.

Image of Tyron Smith with his girlfriend, Leigh Costa
Tyron Smith with his girlfriend, Leigh Costa

Tyron Smith’s girlfriend at the moment is a woman whose name is Leigh Costa. She has never abandoned Tyron and has been incredibly supportive of him during times of conflict with his relatives.

As a result of Smith’s lousy style, his teammates were continually making fun of him, but some people believe that she is responsible for him developing a more refined sense of style. Since neither Tyron nor his girlfriend likes to talk much about their relationship, no information is available regarding when they started dating or meeting.

Even though Tyron and Leigh are obviously in love with each other, the pair have not yet tied the knot. However, given how they love each other, it is possible that they will do so in the near future.

Leigh Costa’s Biography

Leigh is not one of those famous persons who rose to the top of their field and became successful due to their work. She is somewhat known for being the girlfriend of Tyron Smith.

Regarding her private life, Leigh is cautious to protect the secrecy of her information. Leigh has not share much information about her family or date of birth; in fact, she has not even provided information about her work.

Even though the woman who might become Tyron Smith’s wife has been in a relationship with Tyron for a considerable time, Leigh has not made a proper appearance in the media. This may be because she finds the fame and attention that comes with being married to a famous person overwhelming.

Tyron Smith’s Dating History

 I. Lexie Placourakis

 He once was married to his woman and even had a child with her, whose name is Jaxson. They are still co-parenting with their kid now.

Nevertheless, there is not much information about their relationship, as they didn’t disclose when they started dating or when they got separated.

Tyron Smith’s Kids

Image of Tyron Smith with his son, Jaxon Smith
Tyron Smith with his son, Jaxon Smith

 I. Jaxon Smith 

 He is the only son of the renowned football player Jaxon with his ex-girlfriend, Lexi. Jaxon was born in 2012 and is currently ten years old.

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