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Tuukka Rask is Married to Wife: Jasmiina Nikkila. 3 Kids.

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Image of Tuukka Rask with his wife, Jasmiina Nikkila

The professional ice hockey goaltender, Tuukka Mikael Rask, is currently a player for Boston Bruins in the National Hockey League. In the 2005 NHL Entry Draft, the player was enlisted 21st out of all the competitors.

Rask was born on the 10th of March 1987. His parents identified as Jari and Irja Rask.

The player was born and nurtured in Savonlinna, Finland. Thus, concluding that he has a Finnic heritage.

The only information about his family is that he has a sibling named Joonas Rask. Like his brother, Joonas is also an ice hockey player by profession.

The professional ice hockey player withdrew from his career due to hip surgery. He is one of the best players in the NHL.

Are you curious about Tuukka Rask’s wife? Continue reading as we reveal further information, including his marriage and kids.

Tuukka Rask is Married to Jasmiina Nikkila.            

Image of Tuukka Rask with his wife, Jasmiina Nikkila
Tuukka Rask with his wife, Jasmiina Nikkila

Tuukka Rask is currently married to his wife, Jasmiina Nikkila. Details about their marriage are not disclosed to the public.

However, according to reports, Jasmiina is the long-term girlfriend of the ice hockey player. It has been reported that they have been dating since they were in high school.

According to sources, Tuukka Rask’s wife stood by him when he was still exploring his options. Hence, it can be inferred that his wife deserves all the good things they are living by now.

Who is Jasmiina Nikkila?           

Tuukka Rask’s wife is a native of Finland, just like the ice hockey player. Reports say that she is fluent in English, but her Finnish accent is still evident when she speaks.

Jasmiina and Tuukka went to the same high school. From there on, they started dating, which ended up in marriage.

Tuukka Rask’s Kids           

Image of Tuukka Rask's wife, Jasmiina Nikkila, with her daughters
Tuukka Rask’s wife, Jasmiina Nikkila, with her daughters

Dating for a long time, Tuukka and his wife, Jasmiina found time to make a family. They currently have three children, of which all are daughters.

Further details about their daughters are not available publicly as of this writing. Nevertheless, their names are known to be Vivien, Adelie, and Livia.

They are frequently seen outside with their parents. Sometimes, they attend hockey games alongside their parents.

According to the Finnish player, he is happy about his retirement because he spends more time with his daughters. The moments they shared are incomparable to anything in this world.

He was asked by one of the reporters if he saw any of his daughters playing ice hockey like him. The goaltender answered that it is too early to say, and he wants his daughters to choose their path, and he will be supportive, whatever that is.

Although the family of five likes to travel, they still want to keep their private life to themselves. Tuukka Rask’s wife has been there since day one, thus witnessing the wrong sides of fame, and she does not want it for her children.

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