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Travis Taylor is Married to Wife: Karen Taylor. Kids: Kalista Jade

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Image Travis Taylor an Aerospace Engineer, and Science Fiction Author

There are a lot of many intelligent people that have graced national television. Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye, and the MythBusters have all blessed us with so much information regarding the world we live in. However, the person we’re talking about is someone you might have already stumbled upon before and can be considered an unsung hero.

Travis Shane Taylor is a known scientist, author, aerospace engineer, and actor for Rocket City Rednecks. It is a TV show that aired on the National Geographic Channel between 2011 to early 2013.

It featured an array cast that had the sole duty of creating weird and entertaining devices in the farmlands.  It ran for two seasons with over 36 episodes in total.

The show gave Travis the right platform where he could showcase his genius and gain recognition at the same time.

Are you curious about the wife of aerospace engineer Travis Taylor? Does the scientist have any kids? Learn more about his personal life and family by reading the article below.

Travis Taylor has been married to Karen Taylor.

In pop culture, nerds and geniuses often get laughed at and are made fun of for not being able to have partners. But this was not the case in the life of our talked-about smart guy.

Travis found love through her amazing wife Karen and spent a considerable chunk of his life with her. They have been together for several years now, and there are no signs that the two will ever break up.

Moreover, several interviews suggest that the couple have already tied the knot before 2001.

Travis Taylor’s Past/Previous Relationships and Ex-Wife

Image of Travis Taylor an Optical Scientist and a Star in a series in National Geographic Channel
Travis Taylor is an Optical Scientist and a Star in a series on National Geographic Channel

Considering Travis’s age, he has already been with Karen for decades now. His affection and utter love towards his wife are not dwindling.

Because of this, there have been no reports regarding any partners that Travis has been with in the past. It just goes to solidify his intellect when it comes to everything about the world.

May it be love or just mere building alien rocket ships in barns.

Karen Taylor’s Biography

Image of Karen Taylor an English Actress and wife of Travis Taylor
Karen Taylor is an English Actress and wife of Travis Taylor

Her husband’s love for machines and inventions may have also influenced her.  The scientist’s wife is not open to discussing her personal life with the public.

She had stayed out of the spotlight amid the recognition that her husband got through Rocket City Rednecks. However, it is believed that Karen also has a great mind, just like her husband.

In a statement in 2004, Travis said that he wrote a lot of books because his wife has constantly challenged him to be a better author. Since then, the astrophysicist has authored two textbooks, 14 sci-fi novels, and more than 25 research papers that can be seen in NASA and other various academic institutions.


Travis and Karen may be busy with their scholarly careers, but it does not mean they don’t have time to create a family. The couple has one child in the presence of their daughter named Kalista Jade.

The two are yet to disclose any information regarding her personal life and current whereabouts.

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