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Tim Kang is Married to Wife: Gina Marie May. Kids.

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Image of Tim Kang

The drama tv shows The Mentalist was home to great actors such as Tim Kang. Tim had an essential role in the series as Kimball Cho, which ran for more than six years.

His professional acting career started in 2002 when he was hired as Dr. Wong in an episode of The Sopranos. With his continued hard work, he landed multiple roles in different tv shows throughout his career.

The American actor appeared in seven films and fourteen television series. In recent years, he also had appearances in different video games, such as 2017’s Prey.

With the busy career of the actor, does he have a partner? Keep reading this article to know more about Tim Kang’s wife.

Tim Kang is Married to his Wife: Gina Marie May

Image of Tim Kang with his wife, Gina Marie May

Tim Kang with his wife, Gina Marie May

With all of his previous works, we can say that the celebrity has had an excellent professional acting career. But did the success of his career translate into his love life?

As per reports, Tim Kang’s marital status is married. He exchanged vows with the lovely Gina Marie may.

The two enjoy more than a decade of a severe relationship. Their love for each other enabled them to raise their own family.

Who is Gina Marie May?

Being an actor himself, it comes as no surprise that his other half is also an actor. Tim Kang’s wife is the beautiful American woman Gina Marie May.

Her beauty is one of the most notable aspects of her as a person. This was also one of the primary reasons why it was easy for her to be hired as an actress.

Before being a professional actress, Tim Kang’s wife was a model first.

She appeared in multiple television series in her career as an actress. In 1998, Tim Kang’s wife appeared in the comedy show Malibu, CA.

She even appeared alongside her husband in an episode entitled Crimson Casanova of the series The Mentalist.

Tim Kang’s Kids

The actor-couple has been blessed to have a great professional career and family life. After getting married, the two of them decided that it was time to have an additional member to their small family.

Gina and Tim are blessed with a daughter. The lovely girl is named Bianca Jooyung Kang.

Bianca was welcomed to this world on the 7th of November in 2009. Her birth was one of the couple’s most precious memories.

The daughter is a lot like her mom. Tim Kang’s wife often is tasked with taking care of the young kid.

The family decided to keep her details hidden to avoid unnecessary controversies about her.

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