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Is Tim Cappello Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

Image of Tim Cappello

The 80s and the 90s were the time when Tina Turner graced us with her angelic voice alongside her saxophonist Tim Cappello. Besides playing the saxophone, Tim could also play many other instruments.

Born on the 3rd of May in 1955, his childhood was spent in Harrison, New York, studying music. At a young age, he already had a goal of being a professional artist.

At 15 years old, the young man made a life-changing decision as he went to the New England Conservatory of Music. He amazed the admission board when he played two instruments during his audition.

During the early stages of his professional career, he played under the guidance of jazz veteran pianist Lennie Tristano. At this time, he was introduced to many other professional artists, such as Eric Carmen.

He continued to perform in his hometown and eventually gained a lot of following. By 1984, he was one of the most well-known in the New York area.

This made artists such as Tina Turner hire him as her keyboardist. Besides being an instrument player, he also composed many songs for different shows.

With the busy career of the musician, does he have a partner? Keep reading this article to know more about Tim Cappello’s wife.

Is Tim Cappello Married to Wife? Or Dating A Girlfriend?

Image of Tim Cappello
Tim Cappello is an American multi-instrumentalist, composer, and vocalist.

A music legend with a sexually provocative appearance probably has a partner. This is what others may think about Tim Cappello’s relationship status.

But sources say that the American instrumentalist is not married to anyone. His current marital status is still single.

This contradicts what many speculated. They say that the artist was previously seen with someone in public.

This might be true because reports tell that the musician had previously been in a relationship. Although this is the case, we will still look out for the information about Tim Cappello’s wife.

Tim Cappello’s Past Relationships

Having all the fame and fortune that Tim Cappello did is hard if you do not have someone to spend it with. With this in mind, the saxophonist did have someone in his past labeled as his partner.

A lot of rumors say that the musician had been in a secret relationship. Others say that the woman was Tim Cappello’s wife at that time.

With his muscular appearance, it is not surprising to know that he did get into a relationship in the past. Sources tell that the relationship only lasted for a short time, and it did not end up in marriage.

But unfortunately, the relationship was kept hidden, and the information about Tim Cappello’s wife was never disclosed.

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