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Tanner Foust is not Married to Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Katie Osborne.

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Image of Tanner Foust with his girlfriend, Katie Osborne

Tanner Foust is a famous racing driver that leveled up his game when he became a professional stunt driver and television host. He had engaged in many types of racing, and some of them are rallycross, ice racing, hill climb, and rally.

Foust was born in Denver, Colorado, the United States, on June 13, 1973, and is now at the age of 48. He won several tournaments, including the 2008 Formula Drift, 2013 X Games Los Angeles, and the 2019 Americas Rallycross Championship.

Tanner also had his share of appearances on various films and television shows, and he appeared in Rally America, The Bourne Ultimatum, Top Gear, and Battle of the Supercars. People wonder if the stunt driver has a partner at the moment, and we will answer that in this article.

If you want to know more about Tanner Foust, keep reading this Wikipedia-type article because we have information about his wife, partner, and life.

Tanner Foust is not Married to a Wife: Dating a girlfriend, Katie Osborne.

Image of Tanner Foust with his girlfriend, Katie Osborne
Tanner Foust with his girlfriend, Katie Osborne

The renowned racing driver is dating his long-time girlfriend, Katie Osborne. The couple was seen being romantic in various places, and thanks to social media platforms, pictures of them prove their sweetness to each other.

According to sources, Katie and Tanner have been dating since 2010, and they managed to keep their relationship to stay afloat amidst the 12 long years of being together. Some couples do not even get past one year, but it is incredible to know they have great love and care for their relationship.

Katie Osborne’s Biography

Image of Katie Osborne
Katie Osborne is a sportscaster and television host

People could say that Tanner set his standards as he did not just date anybody. He dated someone with a renowned career in the broadcasting industry.

Katie Osborne is a well-known American sportscaster who worked for CBS Sports, Paramount Network, and NBC Sports. Katie was born in 1982 in Indianapolis, Indiana, the United States.

She attended the University of Iowa for one year, but she later enrolled at the Indiana University Bloomington, where she earned a degree in Sports Media. The sportscaster started getting job offers during her Indianapolis Motor Speedway internship.

Some popular brands contacted her before graduation. Some of these brands are WISH-TV Channel 8, Nike, and Chick-Fil-A.

Tanner and Katie’s Daughter Rumor

Rumors were circulating on social media that they have a daughter, but they are just keeping it private. However, there was no available information on whether it was true, and the couple has not talked about it ever since.

We will update this article once we find more information about the rumor, and we will try to get a confirmation as soon as we get the necessary details about the matter.

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