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Sting is Married to Wife: Sabine Glenn. Past Relationships. 3 Kids

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Image of Sting Wrestler with his wife, Sabine Glenn

We know that many WWE fans are waiting for the information about their favorite wrestlers! Today, we will feature Steve Borden in this article, also known as Sting.

He left a legacy in World Wrestling Entertainment and has been recognized for being an actor and writer. He was born in Omaha, Nebraska, the United States, on March 20, 1959, and is now 63 years old.

The star brought home fifteen world championships with almost five decades of being on the wrestling field. The professional wrestler gained many fans when he first appeared in the Survivor Series of WWE.

Later on, he started appearing in more events of WWE, including WrestleMania, Night of Champions, and Revolution. If you want to know more about the details of Sting, keep reading this Wikipedia-type article because we have more information regarding his wife, past relationships, and children.

Sting is married to his wife, Sabine Glenn

Image of Sting Wrestler with his wife, Sabine Glenn
Sting Wrestler with his wife, Sabine Glenn

Sting has been in the wrestling field for almost 50 years, and people find it hard to believe that he has only had two women in his life despite being famous. The professional wrestler got married to his wife, Sabine, in 2015.

The two met when they were present in a wrestling event in WWE’s Wrestlemania. Fans said that there is truth in the saying that love is sweeter the second time around, and the two did not disappoint them as it can be seen on social media that they are sweet to each other.

However, despite being famous to the public, the couple preferred not to share more details about their marriage. The exact date and place were not released. We will update this article once we find more information about the matter.

Sabine Glenn’s Biography

Sting’s wife is Sabine Glenn, whom he married in 2015. According to sources, her former profession is close to what her husband did before, and she was a personal trainer back then.

Upon researching, we found out that Sabine transitioned into a new career. She now works in Dorado Exploration as an Executive Assistant. Sabine wanted to keep her details private, and she shared no additional information regarding her life.

We will update this article once we find more information regarding the personal trainer’s details.

Sting’s Past Relationship

The former WWE wrestler had one relationship in the past, and he was married to Sue Borden in 1986. According to various sources, their relationship was happy and full of love during that time.

They were even blessed with three children after being together for 24 years. Unfortunately, the couple separated in 2010, and the couple did not release any information on why they chose to end their marriage through divorce.

We will update this article once we find more information regarding the reason for Sting and Sue’s divorce that happened in 2010.

Who are the kids of Sting?

Sting and Sabine do not have any children. However, the wrestler had children with his past wife, Sue. The former husband and wife gave birth to three children: Garrett Borden, Steven Borden Jr., and Gracie Borden.

Garrett somehow got his father’s athleticism as he was a football player when he was studying at Azusa Pacific University. Steven Jr. also grabbed the opportunity of being a tight end at Kilgore College, but later on, he decided to commit to the University of Kentucky.

On the other hand, there was no information regarding Gracie Borden. We will try to find more information regarding the details of Gracie and will update this article.

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