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Steve Schleicher is Married to Wife: Kathy Schleicher. Kids.

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Image of Steve Schleicher

Many people have heard about the murder case of George Floyd, some individuals helped the victim’s family to obtain justice, and one of them is Steve Schleicher. He is a part of the Attorney General’s prosecution team.

The professional attorney was born in 1970 and is estimated to be around 51 to 52 years old. He is a veteran lawyer who does his job very well and puts criminals in jail to help victims have a fair trial and have a chance to give justice to their cases.

Steve’s LinkedIn profile shows that he primarily focuses on being a trial lawyer, white-collar defense, and internal investigations. The renowned attorney studied at the Mitchell Hamline School of Law, where he developed his skills and appeared in 12 jury trials, nine in litigation, and 6 in internal investigations.

Many people who have witnessed him take on huge cases in court wanted to know if he has a family, even though being an attorney is somehow dangerous. Keep reading this article because we have all the information you need regarding Steve Schleicher’s wife, partner, love life, and kids.

Steve Schleicher is Married to Wife, Kathy Schleicher

Image of Steve Schleiche
Steve Schleicher is an established trial lawyer. The most work on high stakes civil litigation, government, and internal investigations, and white-collar criminal cases

Fighting for justice has never been easy as you could either win or lose, regardless of whether you are a victim. Despite fearing being taken down by opponents in court, Steve Schleicher’s wife married the skilled attorney.

Their relationships went through a rollercoaster ride as there are moments when a lawyer should choose if he should pursue a case or be safe from being a target of criminals. Steve has always been dedicated to what he does, so he always chooses what is suitable for his clients.

Steve Schleicher’s wife eventually understood her husband’s career and always hoped that her husband would return with a win. Moreover, they have had a healthy relationship since they tied the knot.

Being in the field of law has its consequences, and you should be mindful of what you share and tell people because your own words could be used against you. Furthermore, the husband and wife kept their relationship details private.

Although there are some instances that the family could be put in a dangerous situation, the couple was not afraid to share with media outlets that they have three children. Indeed, it is tough to be a trial lawyer who wants to build a loving family.

The professional lawyer does everything to protect his family’s image and reputation. Our team will update this article once more information has been shared regarding Steve Schleicher’s marriage.

Kathy Schleicher’s Biography

As mentioned earlier, Steve Schleicher’s wife is a stunning lady named Kathy Schleicher. She has been with the renowned attorney for many years and knows the right way to support Steve.

Kathy wanted to live a low-key life since her husband works as a protector of people who are victims of serious criminal charges. She focuses on spending time with their children and ensuring that they are safe.

Our team will search profoundly and find more information about Kathy Schleicher. We will update this article once there are available details about Steve Schleicher’s wife.

Steve Schleicher’s Kids

The happily married couple gave birth to three children. They are Jake Schleicher, Joe Schleicher, and Katie Schleicher.

People worry about nothing as their father works as a punisher of individuals who did something immoral. They will grow up with discipline and respect towards the people they encounter while exploring the world.

Due to the harmful situations that the kids might be in, the couple did not share more details about their children. We will update this article once they decide to disclose more information about Steve Schleicher’s kids.

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