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Is Steve Sarkisian Married to New Wife After Divorce From Stephanie Sarkisian?

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American football coach and former player, Steve Sarkisian

A familiar face from the sports industry is Stephen Ambrose Sarkisian, a renowned American football coach, and a former player. An excellent sportsman, like Steve, has many fans who love his impressive winning record and brilliant tactics. But apart from his outstanding career, people have shifted their focus towards Steve’s marital life, which came to an end a couple of years ago. Get to know about Steve Sarkisian and his wife here.

Steve ended a two-decade-long relationship with his wife. Since then, fans of Steve Sarkisian have been wondering if this 47-year-old coach has found anyone new in his life.

Steve Sarkisian was Married to Stephanie Sarkisian From 1997-2016

Previously, Steve was in a marital relationship with his childhood love, Stephanie. Their marriage and wedding ceremony dates back to 1997 when Steve was playing for Saskatchewan.

The former Sarkisian couple first met during their high school days. Similarly, it did not take long for Steve and Stephanie to date each other after the initial meeting. After graduating together, the Sarkisian couple went to visit Regina in Canada for five months. Finally, after few years, Steve made Stephanie wear the wedding ring.

Married Life and Divorce

Details on Steve’s wedding day and venue are not entirely specified. However, Steve married Stephanie in 1997 privately. Steve and Stephanie had a blissful life together with beautiful memories for nearly two decades, if not more. Sadly, those memories were not enough to keep Steve and Stephanie together for long.

Steve and his ex-wife mutually filed for divorce after 18 years of living together. Steve and Stephanie filed for legal separation somewhere in 2015. After that, the veteran coach had to pay alimony that amounts to $293k and a land rover as per agreement. The agreement also specifies that Stephanie would have joint custody with Steve over their kids.

The former Sarkisian couple officially split in 2016. Since then, Steve went on to say to respect his family’s privacy and didn’t comment any further.

Steve Sarkisian Kids

In the course of their 18-year-long marriage, Steve and Stephanie welcomed three children. Furthermore, the children include a son, Brady, and two daughters, Ashley and Taylor. Taylor is the oldest sibling, currently 20 years old, while Brady is the youngest one living as 16 years old.

Steve and Stephanie with their three kids
American football coach and former player, Steve Sarkisian with Stephanie and their three kids.

Is Steve Sarkisian Married to New Wife Now?

Following his divorce in 2016, Steve has recently found a new one in his life. The lucky woman happens to be from the familiar sports industry as his. The veteran coach is now in a relationship with Loreal Smith.


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Loreal is a 35-year-old currently working as an assistant track coach at South California university. The couple met together when Steve went to coach at the University of South California. Furthermore, Smith was working there as an assistant track coach at the time as well.

More details regarding Loreal are still a mystery. However, it is a fact that she is Native American raised in California. Loreal fame went up after marrying the famous professional coach. It seems that the couple recently built their relationship and are at the start of their new life. It is not stated when Steve and Loreal married, but Wikipedia claims the two as husband and wife.

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