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Is Steve Jerve Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

Image of Steve Jerve

If you are a fan of watching television, especially keeping track of news daily, then you must be familiar with Steve Jerve. He is a notable broadcaster, anchor, and weather forecaster. He made a big name when he started working on WFLA News Channel 8 as a weather forecaster and soon became a Chief Meteorologist.

This stunning reporter was named Tampa Bay Time’s favorite weather forecaster in 2019. He received the title with other meteorologists, including David Grant, Roy Leep, Denis Philips, Dick Fletcher, Pail Dellegatto, Don Germaine, Leigh Span, and Diane Kacmaric. In additional information, David Grant is said to be his predecessor.

His career lasted for 40 years, with 23 years as a Chief Meteorologist at WFLA News Channel 8. He announced his retirement earlier in 2021 and delivered his last forecasting in the news on August 21 at 6 p.m.

Many people have relied on his skills and knowledge regarding weather for four decades. Just any forecaster could not match their experience in the forecasting field. He kept the people informed daily and kept them aware of the condition all over Florida and in the area of Tampa Bay.

Who is Steve Jerves Wife? Well answer the question about his personal life and relationship history in the article below.

Is Steve Jerve Married to Wife?

Image of Steve Jerve
Steve Jerve is an American meteorologist. He is known as the chief meteorologist for WFLA-TV.

Despite being a public figure, Steve Jerve kept his life private and chose not to release a statement regarding his status. Steve Jerves wife is yet to be shared. No available information on whether he is in a relationship, married, or not. Netizens are asking about his lover, but he is still quiet.

He was once linked to a fellow newscaster, Julie Phillips, since the two of them are close, and they guessed that Steve’ Jerves wife is Julie Phillips. Netizens thought that there was something more about their closeness.

They presume that Steve Jerve and Julie Phillips have an even deeper relationship; however, they were just friends. She is married to a man named Russel Lawrence.

Steve Jerve’s Biography

Since the wife of Steve Jerve is not named yet, let us focus on his journey to becoming a renowned forecaster more. He graduated from Jackson State University in his course Meteorology.

In addition, he earned a bachelors degree in Broadcast Meteorology. Before the start of his fame, he first serves as a weather forecaster at KAAL-TV.

He also experienced being a photographer and became a news anchor every weekend. He soon changed from being a forecaster to a producer and news editor.

Little did he know, an opportunity was waiting for him in Mississippi at WJTV; he became the head weather anchor there. He sought even more experience and employed himself in WFTV in Orlando as the weather anchor every 5 p.m.

The biggest disaster he covered in this station was Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Moreover, Steve Jerve surprisingly received an Emmy Award for his outstanding performance as a weather forecaster in the MidAmerica region.

Not only that, but he also has an affiliation with the American Meteorological Society and obtained a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist.

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