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Steve Ford is Married to Wife: Andrea Cargill. Kids.

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Image of Steve Ford with his wife, Andrea Cargill

Who would have thought that flipping houses could make you famous? Steve Ford is a renowned television host and American actor who rose to fame after having appearances in several shows that featured the restoration of different houses.

The American television personality was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the United States, on December 5, 1977, and is now 44. People had heard of him since he collaborated with his sister to build a master bath from an old schoolhouse attic, and it came to the knowledge of Country Living which began to boost their careers.

Steve has an extraordinary skill in carpentry which is why he became a cast member of television programs like Restored by the Fords, Rock the Block in 2019, and A Very Bad Renovation in 2019. His talent was also acknowledged in magazines including Better Homes and Gardens, Elle Decor, the New York Times, and Martha Stewart.

With success he has achieved over the years, many followers wonder if he had the time to find someone who will support what he does. Keep reading this article because we have all the information you need regarding Steve Ford’s wife, partner, love life, and children.

Steve Ford has been Married to Wife, Andrea Cargill, since 2021

Image of Steve Ford with his wife, Andrea Cargill
Steve Ford with his wife, Andrea Cargill

Building houses is complex and takes a significant amount of effort and time to ensure that it is finished beautifully, just like relationships. People wonder if Steve Ford’s wife knows the right tools and materials to build a good relationship with the television star.

Unluckily, for those who want to make the famous host their dream guy, he is already happily married to a stunning woman named Andrea Cargill. Fans were so happy for the couple and quickly commented on their social media accounts, congratulating Steve and Andrea for being husband and wife.

Steve Ford’s wife started dating the TV star three years ago, and they made sure to know more about each other before entering a decision that could cost them their career and life. Inside the 3-year relationship, there were ups and downs, but they managed to fix those and overcome any hindrances.

Their special day was attended by friends, family members, and relatives, and it happened in a beautiful resort just outside of Pittsburgh. The couple chose to have a winter woodlands theme in their ceremony.

Indeed, it is vital to have someone who loves the things you do because they help build the relationship faster. Steve Ford’s wife loves to go on adventures, so as the television host, the couple knew they should not wait much longer and got engaged in less than a month.

Andrea Cargill’s Biography

Steve Ford’s wife is described as a stunning woman, and her name is Andrea Cargill. She has been a rock-solid supporter of the famous personality, and their friendship grew to something more profound that led them to the path of becoming a married couple.

Cargill is a lowkey person and did not give her information, but some say she is 29 to 30 years old. Moreover, on her Instagram account, Steve Ford’s wife loves to post adventurous things, including surfing and hiking.

Steve Ford’s Kids

Since the chemistry between the pair is undeniably solid, many fans want to know if they have children. Steve and Andrea do not have children yet, but they announced they have a baby coming.

An Instagram post by stevefordsgarage contains a picture of the happy couple, and Andrea is pregnant. Their followers have sent many congratulatory comments and could not wait for them to build a family.

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